Insurance for Interior Designers

Protect Your Business, Your Clients, and Your Assets Today

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You may be asking: Who needs interior designers' insurance?

You do; if your work involves:

  • Assisting clients with design services.
  • Working with contractors and subcontractors.
  • Designing areas without 24-hour supervision.
  • Displaying at tradeshows.
  • Receiving goods for clients.
  • Ordering for clients.

Pen-Ex, a Villanova Insurance Partners Company, has created a policy specially designed for interior designers named “DSA Insure.”

Insurance protects you, your business, and your family assets. Interior designers who assist clients in making their indoor spaces safe, more functional and aesthetically pleasing should have professional and general liability insurance.

Insurance will raise your professional status. Display your insurance logo to set your services apart from your competitors. Clients will feel secure knowing that your business carries insurance.

DSA members now have access to their very own Insurance and Risk Management Program – DSAinsure.

We have partnered with one of the leaders in small business insurance, Pen-Ex Insurance Brokers & Villanova Insurance Partners, to create the very best program to keep your business and assets safe. Here is the best part…. There is no third-party insurance carrier involved!

We do everything in one house from, rate, quote, bind, issue, and settle claims- the same person selling you the insurance is the same company settling the claims.

The DSAinsure Program is a two-pronged approach:

(Step 1)




RATE, QUOTE, ISSUE POLICIES, SETTLE CLAIMS – all with one Insurance Carrier made for DSAinsure!

A unique Insurance and Risk Management Program brought to you by Pen-Ex Insurance and Villanova Insurance Partners. Everything Done in One House!