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Style Director Kathryn Given explores emerging home fashion trends

Much of what we scout at High Point inspires our stories in the magazine and beyond. The beautiful introductions, chic accessories, and bold lighting of Fall Market did not disappoint. Consumer demand is already up and continues to grow despite supply chain issues. As I tune into the trends that are gaining traction now, I look forward to seeing what will continue to resonate in April.


Your guides to this year's top styles and stories in home furnishings

Ten of today's leading design professionals are excited to get started showing you home fashion's finest in 2022. Meet the team, find out about their design styles and influences, and get ready to get their insider perspectives on High Point Market.

Your Ultimate Guide to High Point Market: Fall 2021 Home Furnishing Trends We Love

Rachel Leck

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High Point Market is back! Despite lingering COVID-19 concerns designers descended on the High Point, N. C., for the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world Oct. 16-20. Though attendance was down by 25% for the biannual event and prices were up (increases that could push up retail an expected 10-20%), spirits could not be dampened. The supply chain crisis was the elephant in every showroom, as designers came out to see edited and pared-down collections where some of the hottest stock was anything in stock. Figuring out how to pivot and embrace creative ways to navigate the shipping crisis, which some experts now predict may last into 2023, was perhaps the most valuable education this market offered. (Check out our article for additional tips on managing client expectations ADD LINK HERE).  
Despite all the delays and limitations, the mood was still overwhelmingly upbeat as the industry embraced a step toward normalcy after the uncertainty of the past year a half. So much of the world has gone virtual since the pandemic hit, but being back at High Point Market reminded us how irreplaceable real-life face-to-face interactions are, whether it's building relationships with vendors, being able to express to a client you have personally sat in the chair you're recommending they bring into their home, feeling the upholstery fabric or speaking on the quality of the tailoring first-hand, these are facets of the trade that Zoom can never replace. Even the simple act of catching up with colleagues over a shared meal, the sense of community was tangible, and we're so grateful it's back. Join us for a quick rundown of some of the styles and trends that caught our eyes. 
After more than a year of working from home or just being at home, we seek soothing comfort in a chaotic uncertain world more than ever; whether in the form of actual design pieces, color stories, or, in many cases, both. 
Elevated Easy Chairs–These are not the Lazy Boys of old, but instead, these recliners and swivel chairs are fit and downright fetching, while still ready to provide maximum chill. We love this new breed of an evolved easy chair, which is easy on the eyes by sporting contemporary shapes but not sacrificing one bit of comfort in the process. Clients no longer have to choose between style and relaxation, and designers don't have to try to disguise anything when their client picks the latter. 

Lancaster Sterling Swivel Chair 
Courtesy of Lancaster 

Calming Color Schemes–After this past year and a half, our spirits crave a bit of soothing. That's where the market delivered with comforting creams, mushroom and bone whites, as well as soft nurturing sands and tans. Inspired by nature, these understated shades have plenty of life and are given subtle drama and depth with texture, perhaps in the form of a chiseled credenza surface or nubby boucle upholstery fabric. We love the relaxed feel these soft, warm neutrals provide ,as well as how livable and workable this palette is with an array of design styles. Think of it as a visual cleanse from the heavier-hued jewel tones favored by the maximalist aesthetic we saw so much pre-pandemic. Want to add a splash of color to your creams? We noted the use of muted rainy blues, from stone to desaturated cobalt, incorporated to add a relaxed flair.  

Bernhardt Plush Bliss sectional shown with the brand's Ellison tables
Courtesy of Bernhardt Furniture 

Sinuous Curves–Continuing to lean into the softer side, we now incorporate shape and take note of curvilinear sofas and chairs that remain on the upswing. Whether inspired by the 30s and 40s Hollywood, a bit of 80s revival or even updated renderings of the iconic kidney sofa, we love these contemporary takes on glamorous curves. 
Modway Abundant Performance Velvet Sofa 
Courtesy of Modway 

Rose Quartz–This romantic shade of soft blush captured our gaze, as it glimpsed in various forms and finishes, from lush curvilinear side chairs to stone-topped mini cocktail tables. Think of it as a glass of chilled rose' to toast those creamy neutral pallets we've highlighted. It is said that the rose quartz crystal channels unconditional love, but even if you don't know your root chakra from your crown and see nothing more than a pretty pink, couldn't we all use a little more of that energy right now? 

Rose quartz accent table from Miranda Kerr's Tranquility collection, her second collaboration with Universal Furniture
Courtesy of Universal Furniture 

Dark, Seductive Accent Pieces–Soft and airy not your vibe? Take a different angle with these black accent pieces, which are masculine and oversized but so refined and dapper. We can almost see Mr. Big sipping some scotch in the upcoming “Sex and the City” reboot with some of these case goods. 

Kindel, Karges, Councill Saint Regis Cabinet 
Courtesy of Kindel, Karges, Council

Hot Legs–Think of these fun twists on furniture as the equivalent of a piece of jewelry for a cocktail dress. This trend takes many forms, as it might translate the dazzle from a metallic cuff bracelet to a brushed brass frame at the bottom of the rail of a velvet sofa. Or, it may inspire some Bohemian-beaded spherical shapes that become legs for a linen loveseat. We also swooned over Lucite accents with gold tips that had a sexy, high-heel vibe. Everything from beds to lamps enjoy added dimension with these unexpected fashionable additions, but we especially adore this trend when it is incorporated to accent chairs, elevating them to statement pieces with the pop of bangle-inspired detailing.    

Eichholtz Swivel Chair Inger
Courtesy of Eichholtz


Natural Textures and Rustic Finishes–Whether it's a beachy boho outdoor chandelier to make your patio a party or a modern take on a rattan-style peacock chair, these styles are holding firm. We also spotted cerused credenzas that made us swoon and live edge dining room tables, sure to be the centerpiece of holiday gatherings for years to come. No matter the specific style, all of these pieces radiate heart and soul, and will bring warmth and character to any space.

Lighting Courtesy of Palecek. 

Indoor/Outdoor–Travel and exploration have been limited, and we've all been home a lot more than ever before. So, sometimes you just want a little fresh air, and indoor/outdoor furnishings are stepping up to fill the void. Even when we couldn't go out, we could still step outside, so why not do it with style by making a small space larger, opening areas up, and having adventures close to home with weatherproof pieces in natural finishes that serve a double-duty. 

Indoor/outdoor furnishings from Summer Classics 

Courtesy of Summer Classics

Previous Market News for 2021

High Point Market Bounces Back 

Lindsay Field Penticuff

High Point may be a small town, but its influence in the furniture industry is mighty

It is the Furniture Capital of the World, after all.

That's why it's fitting that it was High Point that welcomed visitors to an almost normal Market in early June. 

We can't wait for Fall High Point Market

The High Point Market in North Carolina features an extensive selection of exhibitors spanning every category, style, and price point. The five-day event attracts tens of thousands of visitors from more than 100 countries twice each year, and the market is the driving force of the home furnishings industry.

Starting on Friday, Oct. 15, with a champagne social, and coming to a close on Tuesday, Oct. 19, with a farewell cocktail hour, the event offers opportunities for learning, networking, and insight that designers desire to continue a successful business in design. 

This year's keynote speakers, who are three leading entrepreneurs focused on helping you connect with your clients, and keys to success, are:
Saturday, Oct. 16: Collete Shelton, Blazing Your Own Trail: Creative Ways to Grow a Business Through Influence & Partnerships
Sunday, Oct. 17: Miranda Kerr, Entrepreneurism: Transforming your Passion into Business with Miranda Kerr
Monday, Oct. 18: Eva Lorenz, Anticipate and Adapt: How to Meet Shifting Customer Needs with Amazon Home Executive Eva Lorenz

The keynotes speaker series is crafted to help designers make the most of the world as it begins to open up in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees will be able to catch up with the latest shifts in consumer behavior, as well as see how you can shift to meet them. There's also a chance to find out how to transform your personal passions into a business concept, and transform those concepts into a thriving enterprise. And, you'll discover how to leverage influence and partnerships to capture consumers' attention and build your empire.

The good news is, attendees will also earn one International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC-approved) continuing education credit per seminar.

Other exciting events during this year's market include:

Style Spotter Hot Spots Tours, where you can enjoy a personal trip through some of the most stunning showrooms at market with 2021 Style Spotters Keia McSwain or Justin Shaulis as they walk you through a personalized tour of two of their favorite market stops.
An educational seminar discussing the struggles to find and keep quality employees, as recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding team members is one of the biggest challenges for retailers, manufacturers and designers alike.
A furniture industry update with Jerry Epperson, who will address trends, economic and demographic factors that matter most, as well as other topics important to today's home furnishings retailers.
Lessons on digital streaming advertising and how to make it easy. Just because you don't understand advertising terms, doesn't mean you should ignore them. It's time to take full advantage of streaming platforms.

And you certainly won't want to miss out on the free community concert featuring Fitz and The Tantrums, one of the hottest bands in America. They will be performing Friday, Oct. 15, as a special thank you to market guests and the High Point, N.C., community. The High Point Market Authority and their partners are sponsoring this event, which means that market guests with a pass and Triad area residents can get in for free. But, be sure to hurry, because seating will be limited.

To learn more about all the amazing speakers, series, and events during this year's Fall High Point Market, be sure to visit, and you're invited to follow them on social media using the hashtag #HPMKT. To register, visit

Spring Market report- April 2021

Typically held in April, this year's spring Market was delayed for two months in order to allow for more visitors to get vaccinated. Last year's spring Market was canceled altogether—for the first time since World War ll—and October 2020's market was subdued, to say the least. The High Point Market Authority reported that attendance levels were about 80 percent of what a typical spring market would be. This was, in part, due to lingering international travel restrictions, and (although this is purely anecdotal), a general feeling of “playing it safe” until things quiet down a little further on the COVID front. 

That said, the Market was strong—particularly Pre-Market, which was packed with larger retailers who wanted a first peek at newlines. According to Business of Home, vendors reported that many major retailers locked-in orders during this time, signaling a departure from traditional buying patterns. This is likely due to the June timing.

A continuing trend was that the Market was dominated by interior designers rather than Men-In-Black style buying teams who swoop in, buy a shipping container full of goods, and breeze out just as quickly. Supply chain hiccups prevented some companies from debuting their full lines, but that didn't stop buyers from placing orders that can hopefully be fulfilled later in the year. 

One thing that wasn't quite back to normal was the Market's social scene. Although there were a few fun gatherings, the days of lavish buffets, bustling communal breakfasts, and free-flowing champagne bars aren't back—yet. That said, it was wonderful to simply see faces sans masks again. We can't wait for October when we hope more of our international friends will be able to visit. 
As more people get vaccinated and we all settle into a new normal, we have high hopes that the “good ole days” of High Point Market will return. Until then, high accolades for the High Point Market Authority for their fantastic navigation of the pandemic—it wasn't easy navigating the past year and a half, but they did it. 

Davina van Buren