DSA Newsletter - September / October 2010

A busy summer is over and fall is finally in the air. In honor of the new season, Designer Society of America is offering an entire year’s membership free! It’s true - we are actually giving you two years for the price of one! Now, when you join for the low annual price of $195, you will get an entire extra year free. But the value doesn’t end there. You will enjoy these full membership benefits for two years...

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DSA Newsletter - July / August 2010

If you are new to “green building” and want to learn a little on the cheap, there are many options. United States Green Building Council (USGBC) offers a variety of webinars that you can view from your home or office. Some are live and must be watched on a specific time and date, but many are available on demand.

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DSA Newsletter - June 2010

Last month we shared with you some information about Studio WebWare and all the benefits their Studio Designer software program offers to interior designers. This month we'll address the ease with which designers can use the program on the go via Blackberry, iPhone and Droid.

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DSA Newsletter - May 2010

While we may love the colors we select for a client, it may not always be correct for what she/he perceives. If there is opposition, what do you do next?

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DSA Newsletter - April 2010

Last month I gave a brief overview of the book "Environmentally Responsible Design," a reference book to help provide a foundation for understanding sustainable interior design. This month I'm recommending "Women in Green," a compilation of conversations with women involved in sustainable design.

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DSA Newsletter - March 2010

Hi - You may or may not know this, but I was allied ASID for 15 plus years. During that time, I was too busy as a working designer to take the time to be grandfathered in as a professional ASID, and was told that it would really not affect my practice. I have decided to share my story with all of you in an effort to help more interior designers better understand the affects of the Practice and Title Acts. I did not realize their true meaning until I too had been fined.

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DSA Newsletter - February 2010

Even when it isn't Valentine's Day, we should all feel the love in a home when we enter. It's important to be able to express your clients' soul in their surroundings when you create a design for them. As designers, we should think of ourselves as instruments for bringing harmony in design, while not stifling the clients' spirit by infusing too much of our own.

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DSA Newsletter - January 2010

Happy New Year! Don't you just love a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate? This year can be whatever you want it to be, so set your goals and go for it! One idea might be to learn something new to offer your clients - Feng Shui ReDesign.

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* Prior to 2009 newsletters where not archived.