DSA Newsletter - January 2014

Responsive Design

Your website can keep you relevant in today's market or leave you out of the results altogether. Responsive web design is the way websites will be built for the decade to come. They are built to "respond" to the ever changing canvas of mobile phones and tablets. The web has evolved past the desktop with the sale of mobile devices at 1 billion and is expected to double by 2015. That's a market not to be ignored.


As of February 2014, all members will have a responsive website within the DSA site. So, if your current website fails to give a classy performance on the array of phones and tablets, as well as the ones still to come, we encourage you to upload your portfolio and keep it current. In addition, we have incorporated social media function into the new Member Sites. Oh, by the way... this is free with your membership at DSA.

Why is Responsive Web Design so important?

- In the US, 91% of people are within reach of a mobile device 24/7.
- It provides an "app-like" experience on tablets and smart phones.
- It's one website that works on all devices.
- It is flexible and responds to the exact size of the screen displaying it.
- Latest projections suggest that more web surfers will access the internet using mobile devices than with PCs. 


Another year is nearly over and we wanted to thank you for your membership. We hope you and your family have an enjoyable Holiday Season and wish you a very Happy New Year.

We look forward to introducing your new portfolio  

Best Wishes,
Natasha Lima Younts DSA