DSA Newsletter - May 2014



How important are Continuing Education Units (CEUs)? DSA has not forced them upon you and made them a requirement for membership in the past, so does this mean that they are meaningless?

The answer is NO.

As a professional who markets services to the public, you want to be in the KNOW and well-versed on the current market trends as well as consumer safety and health regulations. The societies who do regulate CEUs suggest earning 10 CEUs every two years. This is not a difficult task with the availability of distance learning and webinars. If you want to be part of what's going on and stay relevant in today's market, it's crucial to be part of this culture.

There is a company that will help you register your CEUs and keep track of them. This company also provides an extensive list of CEUs available across the nation. We have provided a link to this site below.

At no cost to you, you can set up an account. So what is available after this process? Click on the event calendar tab at the top, choose distance learning and click search. Then you are on your way to discovering your personal path. If you find that you are interested in several of the topics, click and register with them so you will be included in future classes.

Education is the key to success!


Follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will notice the following sentence;

If you DO NOT belong to ASID, IIDA or IDC, please register and create your account here. (This is an active link on the page you will be directed to above. Click it)

Here is what the organization will do for you:

The IDCEC centralized continuing education registry gives you access to your personalized account which includes:

* Reporting of IDCEC approved courses and conferences
* Reporting of Non-IDCEC courses and conferences
* Upload of back up documentation such as certificates of completion and validated conference cards
* Printing your unofficial transcript of CEU activity
* Ordering an official IDCEC transcript

Warm regards,
DSA staff