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Feng Shui Green ReDesign 5 Day Certificate Course

Dear Member,

Designer Society of America is thrilled to bring you this opportunity to increase your credentials.

We welcome you the opportunity to experience Feng Shui.

The School of Graceful Lifestyles™ offers a Feng Shui ReDesign  Program that uniquely integrates the principles of Feng Shui, Green  & Universal Designs  with Interior Design & Home Staging.

Feng Shui Design addresses the harmony and balance unique to each dwelling, as it supports the person place connection.

Your new feng shui design skills will add confidence and generate additional revenue streams. This program is ideal for the professional looking to enhance their business and lives. The program will provide the tools to enhance and support a new career in the Interior Design markets of both residential or commercial interiors.  Realtors will also benefit by introducing the Home Staging tips to their clients.

Simply use the basic feng shui intentional designs & decorating skills you will acquire in this course to craft a sophisticated and elegant home for your family and clients. Your new design skills will be enhanced so that, your new designed   environments will support and enhance the intentions of the occupants.

Graceful Lifestyles

This course differs from other Designing and Decorating programs, in that Graceful Lifestyles™ looks beyond the surface decorating and into the very soul of the space.
You will create sacred spaces.

5 Day Feng Shui Re-Design Course


  • You will become a Certified Consultant for Feng Shui
  • Listing as a Certified Consultant on our website
  • Start 2016 with a new outlook! Improve your life with Feng Shui

- Meet Mary Dennis and study face to face with an expert. Mary Dennis will teach the entire course.
- Enjoy the Nashville , Tennessee area
- You will receive vendor alliances and new resources

Become a certified Graceful Lifestyles™  Consultant

Incorporated in this five day program is a template that can be used again and again.  Acquiring basic skills such as: palette selection, floor plan designs, furniture styles, vendor alliances, portfolio assembly, and successful business procedures will enrich the practice of each consultant.

School of Graceful Lifestyles 

Call for information   1-615-867-7181
Program original cost $1799.00
USE Discount code "DSA " save $500.
Cost only  $1299.
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Mary Dennis' personal warmth and high level of professionalism created an environment of trust for me.  This unique course of Interior Attunement was just as much a journey into my own soul as it was a journey into the fascinating realm of Feng Shui and Design.  I now have an enlightened perspective of myself and tools for a lifetime of designing with Feng Shui.  No other course prepares a student to address the health, body, and spirit of clients and spaces for the design process.  It is and honor and blessing to have you in my life Mary Dennis!
 - Kila Strohl

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again."
- Joseph Campbell

"Thank you, Mary Dennis for offering a savings of $500."

Natasha Lima Younts DSA

Designer Society of America