DSA Newsletter - Winter 2016

We’re excited about the approaching holidays and are eager to gather with family and friends to celebrate all we have to be thankful for this year and every year. For some of us, this time of year gets especially busy with work as often clients decide to stop procrastinating and move forward with an interior design project or two before opening their home to holiday guests.

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DSA Newsletter - End of Summer 2016

We know you're feeling it and so are we. While the summer months - and the high temps that go along with them - can be draining, we all know that relief is just around the corner. Come on fall!

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DSA Newsletter - Summer 2016

As kids, we all lived for summer vacation - the last day of school followed by family vacations and long days spent swimming, riding bikes and enjoying the outdoors with our friends. As adults, we can still appreciate the summer and the often slower pace of business that it brings. It's a great opportunity to recharge our batteries and take some time to appreciate the little things. Summer can also be a busier time for adults, especially with little ones under foot and begging to be entertained.

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DSA Newsletter - Spring 2016

Green design is as hot a topic as ever. Often we can influence - or just assist - our clients in making green decisions during new construction or renovations. One trending topic is the design of "green roofs" or energy-efficient vegetated roof systems. Once installed, they often last longer than conventional roofs.

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* Prior to 2009 newsletters where not archived.