Designer Inc

Go-To Website for Designers


DesignerInc is a ground breaking new website created specifically for the interior design community.  Using its easy to navigate platform, designers can efficiently source to-the trade furniture and decor.  DesignerInc is the only comprehensive trade-only marketplace on the internet, and to date boasts almost 10,000 registered designers, and more than 1,000 manufacturers, with both numbers growing daily.  

Founder and CEO, Heather Gillette, discovered the need for such a platform when she built her former company, an online design firm, and discovered that there were no tools for sourcing within the design industry, and specifically for sourcing trade only product.  With 25 years experience in online tech startups, specifically as the #8 employee at YouTube, and the Founder and Head of their Content Review, Copyright Enforcement & User Support Teams, Heather was well suited to build such a tool.  Together with a team of world class engineers, technology experts, and leaders in the field of interior design, Heather created DesignerInc, a comprehensive search engine for the interior design community.

With literally hundreds of thousands of products represented on the site, its sophisticated filtering capabilities allow users to search based on many features including product manufacturer, category, color, style, size and price. The beauty of DesignerInc lies in a users ability to efficiently, source, price and purchase multiple items from various sources all on a single site. Additionally, users can easily save sourced items to project files for easy access.  After a purchase is made, DesignerInc handles all of the order management and provides the designer with all shipping updates and confirmations.  As Gillette points out “many designers have someone at their firm specializing in expediting product, and DesignerInc provides this service for free”.  

By providing users with a single place to source, price and purchase “to-the-trade items” DesignerInc is empowering its users with the tools needed to succeed in the $77 billion per year design industry.  While empowering designers, Gillette also recognizes that trade showrooms are an important component of the design industry and pointed out that, for those designers loyal to a specific showroom, purchases on the site can be made via those showrooms, and thus protect these important relationships.

Since its launch just over a year ago, DesignerInc  has been tremendously well received in the industry and it continues to exceed all growth forecasts.  While Gillette recognizes her talented tech team and website designers, she believes that that the real success of DesignerInc lies in the input, and continuous support of its users.  Please visit to see for yourself.