Holiday Newsletter 2018

Deck the Halls!

When you think about the holidays, what makes you most excited? 

We get excited about entertaining this time of year! Whether it's a small gathering of family on Christmas night or a blowout New Year's Eve party, the options for hosting a party are endless. Elegant and low key or wide open – you know which one your guests would enjoy most. At the end of the day, your guests will remember the great evening and conversation - we hope you will enjoy every minute

Happy holidays designers, 
Natasha Lima-Younts
Designer Society of America

Spreading the Joy   

Holiday Design Services - Adding layers of service to your business

With lives becoming more hectic, hiring professionals to handle holiday design projects has become the norm for many consumers. While some are on a grand scale, others seek a more understated result.  
If “Holiday Design” is an area of expertise that brings you joy, including this in your list of services may be a something to consider.  
Interior Designers are increasing their bottom line and spreading joy.

Whether you are hired for planning colors, creating a theme or transforming an entire venue, your trained eye can provide clients with a spectacular new holiday experience. 

Christmas isn't the only holiday where your design talents may be desired. Offering design services on a seasonal basis and celebrated occasions throughout the year is a great way to meet new clients and bring joy to existing clients.

In the Spotlight


“Publicity for your design business”

Today's popularity of social media can be pure magic for designers, especially Instagram. With the focus being more visual, Instagram offers viewers quick access to exciting design work that links viewers not only to particular brands of furnishing and décor, but also design businesses. And Instagram is not the only option for people searching for product and design services, of course. There are plenty of other media outlets conducive to the interior design business these days. 

Not all design projects are suitable for – or, frankly, deserving of - a print article in a glossy magazine. But these days, most magazines also have digital content that is often totally different than what is found in their printed pages. That content has to constantly be refreshed to keep readers coming back to the site, increasing the number of clicks, traffic to the page and reader engagement, and increasing potential exposure for your business. Approach a favorite print outlet via its digital editor in order to be considered for inclusion in their digital content. Unlike coverage in a printed publication, digital content remains online and searchable for months and even years. 

Having as much of the work done for a potential digital piece will increase your chances of having your project chosen for digital content. Be sure to have a few great lines ready to share with the editor about why your project is worthy of being featured and have a snazzy headline to suggest. Digital content is just as visual as print content, so you'll want to have plenty of high-quality photographs ready to supply. While this will require an investment, being able to offer a digital editor readily-available strong photography will certainly up your chances of inclusion. 


Mark the Calendar!

Planning the first month of your New Year? January is filled with exciting ways to kick off the New Year with a thrill. Jumpstart your inspiration. Adventures are available for you both near and far. There's nothing like a change of scenery or a gathering of like-minds to get you focused and goal-oriented!  SCROLL DOWN for January