Mastering Market

Message from Deb

As promised, here are the details for the VIP Experience 2.0 for Fall Market. 

What's new in the VIP Experience 2.0?
We listened to our guests and we've reimagined our signature tour. We kept the core elements and reinvented others; making the tour more accessible, affordable and awesome.
Mastering Market starts with preparation; so we'll guide you through it prior to Market with weekly newsletters, podcasts, consults and webinars. You'll hit the ground running on Friday, October 18th with our kick off meetup where you'll meet the other guests, get your daily itineraries and get sneak peek of what to expect as well as the “must sees and dos”. Each day we'll host an agenda choked full of showroom visits, private receptions, workshops, meet and greets, product launches, education and socializing. You'll navigate at your own pace with our semi self- guided red carpet itinerary. Each day is bookended with an exclusive group event. We'll top off our stay with a Farewell event hosted by HPMKT and yours truly. 
The Best Part…
It is complementary! We'll do all the heavy lifting- from planning, organizing, to scheduling  – You just need to book your flight and hotel.

Interested designers can visit our tour page for more information and  fill out an application. The vetting is similar to Las Vegas Market. 

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Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have some great events/ hands on workshops as well as surprise giveaways planned. 

Deb Barrett