Interior Design News High Point Market Fall 2020

The design industry is full of resilient, creative people who insist on succeeding no matter what. And that resilience is evident in the results of the recent Steelyard survey: “Impact of COVID and How We Do Business Going Forward”.
Q&A with Breegan Jane

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The Next Phase: Designers Make the Most of a Challenging Situation

As the fog of quarantine lifts, kids return to school and businesses reopen, we face yet another major shift. No doubt we’ll continue to face challenges and need to stay adaptable throughout the fall and winter months, but for now, it is back to somewhat of a routine for much of the country.

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Summer 2020 Q&A With Designer Young Huh

A Detroit native, Young attended the acclaimed Cranbrook School, a private prep school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan She went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in English from Smith College and a law degree from Fordham University. But it was during an interior design internship that Huh discovered her true calling. She followed her instincts and founded her New York City-based design firm in 2007.

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Stronger Together
Insta-Famous Mark D. Sikes Q&A

It may be hard to see it right now, but there is a bright side to all this. First, the pandemic has brought out the good in people on a fundamental, human-to-human level. Our design community has shared more about their personal and professional experiences that I have witnessed in decades.
Q&A With Mark D. Sikes

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Staying Connected April 2020

In all challenges, there is opportunity—for growth, learning and serving others. Here, we’ve put together a few tips for navigating this challenging time.

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Spring 2020 Designer Society of America

DSA Newsletter
Welcome, Spring!
Spring 2020—which officially begins on March 19—is almost here.
With the change of seasons comes a lighter, more playful mood that can be seen everywhere from nature to fashion to interior design. Animals emerge from their winter hibernations, flower bulbs push through packed winter ground, and dark tones give way to lighter fabrics and textures.

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Staying Connected - Social Media
Speaking of connecting, this month’s newsletter explores ways in which designers can use social media to stay connected to clients—past and potential—all year long. The vast majority of American adults use some form of social media, so it is a prime avenue to interact with customers and other industry professionals.

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Happy New Year

We all enjoy the creative side of design, but it’s equally important to attend to the practical matters that keep the wheels of business turning. Here, we explore three ways to set yourself up for success in 2020.

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