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Welcome, Spring! 

Spring 2020—which officially begins on March 19—is almost here. 

With the change of seasons comes a lighter, more playful mood that can be seen everywhere from nature to fashion to interior design. Animals emerge from their winter hibernations, flower bulbs push through packed winter ground, and dark tones give way to lighter fabrics and textures. 

Change is in the air, which makes for the perfect opportunity to reconnect with past clients who may want to shake off the dreariness of winter with a fun refresh. In this month's newsletter, we share tips on how to breathe fresh life into any room using a few simple ideas. 

One of our favorite ways to celebrate spring is to bring the outdoors in. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting the High Point Market Thibaut showroom you have experienced a perfect example of this philosophy. Thibaut has mastered the art of designing vibrant fresh patterns inviting nature indoors, and we can't wait to see what they've cooked upf or this year's market. 

Remember, we love to share positive, productive and inspirational stories from our members. Did you land a dream client? Were you inspired by a trip or life event? If so, we'd love to hear about it. Email us at  support@dsasociety.org and we'll share your story with the DSA community.

As we move through this extraordinary time together, we will provide industry updates.

First and foremost, the health and well-being of our employees, members and community is our top priority. With this in consideration our staff will work remotely. We remain open and are servicing members through emails and phone calls.

Thank you for your invaluable support and best wishes for safety and health during this time and onwards.


Natasha Lima-Younts 


Designer Society of America

Spring Symbolizes New Beginnings:

 by Davina van Buren

Does Your Client Need a Refresh?  

Much like the seasons, decor can play an important role in mood and mindfulness. During winter, there's nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with a good book, a cup of tea, and a cozy blanket. The rhythms of nature slow, plants go dormant and animals hibernate to conserve energy. For humans, it's perfectly permissible to spend the long, dark days wrapped in a literal and metaphorical cocoon. 

Come spring, the cycle of regeneration begins. Watching landscapes and gardens come to life, it's natural to feel more invigorated and optimistic. After all, who doesn't love a fresh start? Here, we explore how you can capture this breezy vibe and maybe even meet a need your client didn't even know they had. 

Suggest a refresh 

Spring is a great time to reconnect with past clients. They're likely feeling the energetic changes that spring brings, too, so what better way to embrace the season than switching up the decor? Take a spin through your client list and send potentials a personalized note. Ask if they are interested in updating their look for spring and let them know you'd like to help. 

If you have a newsletter or use social media, announce that you're available for spring refreshes. Some clients may not think of this on their own, so it's your job to let them know it's a possibility. 

It's the Little Things 

Refreshes don't have to be a huge deal. You're not asking people to throw out their couch every quarter; instead, it's about the details. Switch out pillows throws, and smaller items like lamps and candle holders. Designer Paloma Contreras recommends building a pillow library that changes with the seasons. (To conserve space, simply switch out the covers, which don't require much storage capacity.) This theory can also apply to seasonal artwork as well. Use pops of color and add a whimsical item or two to keep things playful. 

In the bedroom, trade thick blankets, quilts and comforters for lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen. The same goes for window treatments: take down the heavy brocades and go with a lighter or even sheer fabric, or wooden blinds. In the kitchen, it's all about creating a new scene at your table by updating the table runner/placemats /plates and dinnerware. In any room, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. 

Bring the Outside In 

Design should appeal to all five senses, and one of our favorite ways to freshen up for spring is with flowers. Not only do they entice our sense of smell, they add color and texture to any space. For spring, bring in potted plants, orchids and seasonal flowers like lilies and hydrangeas. Or, simply walk outside and make use of the bounty that Mother Nature has to offer. Branches, river rocks, feathers, and other found objects can make for a unique altar or architectural arrangement. 

Use mirrors to reflect natural light and perhaps trade out the heavy fabric rug for one made of  natural fibers. It can even be as simple as displaying a bowl of colorful fruit on the kitchen counter. 

Embrace Color 

Spring is all about rejuvenation, a sentiment that is reflected in 2020's  “it” color: green. 
While neutral color palettes are still very much en vogue, color is slowly creeping back in. Use your imagination and come up with color pops that work with your client's personality. Since this is a transitional time of year, try mixing dark and light colors and different fabrics and textures for depth and contrast. 

2020 Vision and Beyond: Color Saturation. Maximalism. Black is back. For best results, mix with white for a sophisticated yet edgy look.

—Davina van Buren, Senior Editor, and VP of Marketing, Designer Society of America

Do you have any tried-and-true spring design tips? If so, we'd love to know about them. 

Spring 2020 High Point Market Postponed

HIGH POINT, N.C., March 12, 2020 — The High Point Market Authority has been closely monitoring the ongoing and rapidly-evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, staying in constant contact with local and state public health officials and elected officials. Heeding the public guidance offered by NC Governor Roy Cooper, and in the interest of the health and safety of our stakeholders, industry members, and local citizens, the High Point Market Authority has decided to postpone this year's Spring Market, scheduled for April 25-29, until a later date in early June, should conditions improve.