Summer Interior Design 2021

Design 360°Award Winner for 2021

Heather Garrett

As a residential interior designer, you're passionate about creating beautiful spaces where clients can enjoy life's most intimate moments. But in this competitive industry, how do you take that passion and market it to be successful? As the industry evolves, designers must evolve too. DSA sorted through a long list of residential interior designers and explored what the most successful designers were doing differently.

The thing that sets a 360° designer apart is their business model, including good design practices, professional photos, a daringness to be different, and the willingness to think outside the box. 
Heather created her successful 360° business model by incorporating real estate, design, and build projects under one umbrella. Heather's can-do attitude for success, more...

And don't worry if you missed the contest because we'll be picking a new DSA Design 360° Award winner next year.

Thibaut Fabrics

We Hope That You Are Having A Wonderful Summer!

After more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions, things are finally starting to feel normal again. That's not to say that we shouldn't all still take precautions to stay safe, but with more people being vaccinated and businesses having adjusted to a new era of online and socially-distanced commerce, things are looking up—and people are definitely looking to get out and about. 

DSA Design 360° Award Winner! 
Heather Garrett's Design-Build + Realty Concept is something to talk about! Her “boots on the ground” attitude helped grow her business into what it is today. read more 

We also profile some of our favorite podcasts—perfect for summer road tripping or sneaking in a little continuing education while you clean or garden. From design inspiration to actionable business tips, these online audio shows are fun, engaging, and informative.

Do you have exciting summer projects planned? Are you headed to a destination that inspires you? Have another podcast or design show we should know about? We love learning what our members are up to, so send us an email at and we'll share your story with the DSA community.
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Four of "OUR" Favorite

Fun & Informative Podcasts 

Charlotte Moss is a legend, not a brand

We revisited Charlotte Moss's Interview with Dennis Scully. 
For those of you who may have missed this one.
Legendary interior designer Charlotte Moss chats about learning sales secrets on Wall Street, the importance of mentorship, and what she looks for when she Googles potential clients.

You can't talk about Charlotte Moss without talking about Virginia. The legendary designer grew up in Richmond, her childhood steeped in history and a distinctly Southern way of life, with Sundays after church occupied by a buffet at her grandmother's house where the whole family gathered. (“We did everything together,” says Moss.) Early on, she relished opportunities to stand out from her four siblings—in high school, Moss did as many extracurriculars as she could, including a stint on the cheerleading squad.
“Being a cheerleader was ... my chance to go scream; you know, everybody was gonna hear you,” she says with a laugh. 

How Justina Blakeney built a colorful empire


By Fred Nicolaus BOH

It was the 2010s, and after a long stretch of chaotic freelancing as a magazine editor, stylist, and all-purpose creative, Justina Blakeney was exhausted. She decided to do what many a harried freelancer has done and took a “real” nine-to-five job as art director for a vertical garden company. Still, each day, early in the morning, she would get up, post to her blog, and share images on social media. A funny thing started happening—so funny that she didn't believe it at first. Visit Justine's empire

The Great Indoors 
Hosted by television personality and designer Sophie Robinson and best-selling author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth, this popular podcast discusses, debates, and guides designers through the latest trends and topics on the home front. 

Janice Parker thinks our obsession with outdoor living is here to stay

By Fred Nicolaus 
Landscape architect Janice Parker came up in the industry in a more open era. Despite being raised in New York, she was a lifelong lover of flowers and the natural world. After graduating from college, she simply walked into the most prestigious flower shop in the city, Renny, asked for a job, and got it. Soon she was decorating Studio 54, working on flower arrangements for Halston, and getting so good at seasonal decorations that she could form a loop out of Christmas lights, stand back, and lasso up a twinkling tree.

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