High Point Market Bounces Back

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Easing Into Summer 

After a year and a half of mask-wearing, social distancing, and widespread restrictions, it looks like things are finally getting back to normal—albeit a “new normal.” 
The travel industry is bouncing back as people make plans for summer vacations. Kids are back in summer camp. Restaurants and movie theaters are welcoming guests to come inside, relax, and have some fun. And the interior design industry continues to boom—in spite of a few hiccups (here's looking at you, supply chain woes). 
This welcome shift was evident at the spring market in High Point last week. In this month's article, we'll recap the event.  
In the meantime, let us know if you attended this year's market—we're interested in how you thought it went. We'd also love to hear about your summer projects and what's inspiring you right now. Send us an email at support@dsasociety.org and we'll share your story with the DSA community.
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High Point Market Bounces Back 

High Point may be a small town, but its influence in the furniture industry is mighty. It is the Furniture Capital of the World, after all. That's why it's fitting that it was High Point that welcomed visitors to an almost normal Market in early June. 

Typically held in April, this year's spring Market was delayed for two months in order to allow for more visitors to get vaccinated. Last year's spring Market was canceled altogether—for the first time since World War ll—and October 2020's market was subdued, to say the least. The High Point Market Authority reported that attendance levels were about 80 percent of what a typical spring market would be. This was, in part, due to lingering international travel restrictions, and (although this is purely anecdotal), a general feeling of “playing it safe” until things quiet down a little further on the COVID front. 

That said, the Market was strong—particularly Pre-Market, which was packed with larger retailers who wanted a first peek at newlines. According to Business of Home, vendors reported that many major retailers locked-in orders during this time, signaling a departure from traditional buying patterns. This is likely due to the June timing.

A continuing trend was that the Market was dominated by interior designers rather than Men-In-Black style buying teams who swoop in, buy a shipping container full of goods, and breeze out just as quickly. Supply chain hiccups prevented some companies from debuting their full lines, but that didn't stop buyers from placing orders that can hopefully be fulfilled later in the year.   

One thing that wasn't quite back to normal was the Market's social scene. Although there were a few fun gatherings, the days of lavish buffets, bustling communal breakfasts, and free-flowing champagne bars aren't back—yet. That said, it was wonderful to simply see faces sans masks again. We can't wait for October, when we hope more of our international friends will be able to visit. 

As more people get vaccinated and we all settle into a new normal, we have high hopes that the “good ole days” of High Point Market will return. Until then, high accolades for the High Point Market Authority for their fantastic navigation of the pandemic—it wasn't easy navigating the past year and a half, but they did it. 

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