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Must Listen: Designing Your Business Podcast

Did you know that podcasts date back to the 1980s?

However, it wasn’t until the emergence of broadband internet access and portable digital audio playback devices like the iPod, when podcasting began to catch hold in late 2004.

The number of podcasts grow every day—climbing past 2 million to date—and podcasts range in topics, from interview podcasts and storytelling podcasts to roundtable podcasts and repurposed content podcasts.

Long story short, podcasts are a way to share information, and a wide array of information, whether it makes you laugh, cry, or rethink your approaches to work, play, family or more. Podcasts can also be listened to anytime and anywhere, which is a great benefit, and one the owner of Farmhouse New England Interiors Amanda Arcone is excited to take advantage of with her new podcast.

We recently chatted with Arcone about her podcast—Designing Your Business—and are excited to share what this Designer Society of America member is learning along her new journey in the podcast world, and how she hopes her interviews with esteemed professionals in their field across the country will support interiors designers, both those who are new to the business and those who have been designing for decades.

Don’t forget to register for the upcoming High Point Furniture Market! Held Oct. 22-26 in High Point, North Carolina, registration for the fall event is now open and can be completed online at, or by calling 800-874-6472 or emailing registration.

Don’t know much about High Point Market? The biannual event includes showroom after showroom of meticulous design, combined with educational and networking opportunities, as well as resources. There are 180-plus buildings with 2,000 exhibitors from many categories, representing more than 100 countries. It’s a definite must-visit, whether you’re new to interior design or have been in the business for decades.

Taking the "Overwhelm" Out of the Process

By Lindsay Field Penticuff

Amanda Arcone admits it’s quite terrifying starting your own business, but she’s hopeful her previous experience in corporate America and recent launch of a new podcast—Designing Your Business—will help not only boost her confidence in a new venture but also support colleagues in the interior design industry.

“Starting your own business takes time, and giving up a cushy, comfortable regular salary is terrifying. But, working at it every day, staying engaged, learning, paying attention to what’s going on, and taking those steps will get you there,” says Amanda, owner of Farmhouse New England Interiors in Franconia, New Hampshire, and host and creator of Designing Your Business.

In her new podcast, she began working on this past spring and is scheduled to launch her first episode in late fall, Amanda will be discussing topics like networking, insurance coverage, how to build your own website, how to market your business and much, much more. Stay tuned for the "Designing Your Business" launch announcement in future newsletters.

“It is all about starting your interior design business from the ground up, and it will be centered around the necessary business decisions needed to run a successful interior design business,” Amanda says. “There will also be some focus around specific tools and resources for designers to use that I have been experimenting and trying out as I’ve been building out my business this past year.”

Amanda says she decided to start a podcast because one of the things she learned very quickly when she completed the Residential Interior Design Education (RIDE) certification and looked at resources to start her business was that there are all these coaches, groups, and programs that interior designer can join, but they are costly.

“I spent some of my own money to figure out what all these consultants were trying to provide, and I was honestly really disappointed. There wasn’t very much tangible information,” Amanda says. “My goal is to give people real, accurate, actionable, get-up-and-go information so that you can start your business and understand the steps and tools that you’ll need to start the business.”

In addition to her podcast, Amanda recommends interior designers check out Business of Home, in which host Business of Home's host Dennis Scully interviews thought leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives about the changes and challenges facing the interior design community; and Kate the Socialite, a marketing podcast from host Kate Show for interior designers, home stagers, professional organizers and window treatment specialists.

As far as non-industry-related podcasts, Amanda recommends Donald Miller’s Storybrand Framework. It helps listeners “take the guesswork out of marketing” to help clarify their message and grow their business.

“When you’re starting a business, it really feels overwhelming, because there’s just so much to do,” Amanda says. “I’d like to use my podcast to help take some of the overwhelm out of this whole process.” Launch dates are coming soon!
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