Celebrating Your Excellence - DSA Professional REWARDS Program

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Designer Society of America is rewarding your professional growth.
Members who participate in continued education/ attend trade shows will receive points towards discounts and rewards.  After logging into your member console you now have the ability to list your continued education and your trade show attendance. The tab is listed as CEU's in your console. 

“Interior designers who engage in developing their professional skills provide more value to their clients, increase revenues, and are held up as examples of excellence in the industry.” 

Professionals who choose to build on their industry knowledge and skills create new opportunities to better succeed in their chosen profession.
CEUs are used to measure a person's level of involvement in a continuing education program. How these CEUs are measured is determined by the set standards and policies of the organization or institution that issues these credits relative to their industry. As a rule of thumb, one continuing education unit is equal to 10 contact hours or hours approved by a continuing education program. This varies depending on the program.

THREE Outstanding Benefits 

Improved Marketability
Even in the most uncertain economic conditions, designers who have participated in continuing education credits will likely improve their marketability as a professional. 

Network and Expand
Professionals who pursue continuing education credits set themselves up for great opportunities to network with others in their field and make lasting connections that could translate into potential business relationships down the road. Continuing education events and conferences, trade shows, and markets provide great settings for interior designers to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Personal Development
Professionals who decide to continue their education are establishing a commitment to their profession that will likely have them re-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and look honestly at where they are and where they'd like to be. 

Professional Development 

Earning REWARDS POINTS (units)

1.0 Unit = of continuing education 
2-14.0 Units = of approved continuing education- Zoom attendance for trade meetings/ lectures depending on the length of the program.
please include: Company hosting the meeting; list time and date
10.0 Units = Trade show attendance with valid proof
•Attending Markets (High Point, Las Vegas) and Trade shows

Please upload your CEU's after logging in to your membership console.

IDCEC Approved Education (Looking for CEU's /set up your account here if you like.)
State Regulatory Board Approved Courses
Courses Approved by Industry Relevant Organizations

DSA automatically accepts continuing education approved by the following industry-relevant organizations:
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI)
International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)

Reporting Process:
Refer to the following steps to report continuing education coursework.
Log in to your DSA member console.
Click on the tab “Professional Reward CEUs” after logging in. 
Follow the steps listed.


DSA offers annual rewards to eligible members. 

Eligibility to participate is based on the units earned per year. Members earning at least 7 units per year are entered into a raffle for prizes.

Members earning more than 7 units per year will qualify for additional entries. After qualifying for the initial entry for four units, every 2 additional units earned will qualify the member for one extra raffle entry. Winners will be announced in January.

RIDQC and RIDE Certification- Maintain your status as a RIDQC and RIDE Residential Designer :

CEU requirement – After your RIDQC exam/ RIDE education, has been successfully completed we suggest that you complete 10 CEUs every 2 years.
We've made it simple for you with our connection to IDCEC 
DSA periodically audits its members to check for CEU credits. If you are audited, we will reach out to you for more information if something is questionable. There is an area to add your CEU's after logging in to your membership. We are flexible with what is allowed; we suggest inserting everything you believe to be educational.
Our goal is for members to remain educated.