Fall Newsletter 2018

Changing Seasons

The ushering in of fall is more than just cooler temperatures, football games and pumpkin spice flavor in everything. Fall is truly the welcome mat to the holiday season and all that entails for us, both professionally and personally. And with so much to do, this is also about that time of year when our days seem to fly by even faster than usual, making everything even more challenging.

High Point Fall Market coming up October 13-17.

When you consider the more than 12 million square feet of exhibit space and 2,000 manufacturers, the idea can seem a bit overwhelming. But trust me, you don't want to miss it! Where else can you see the most innovative new products and unique merchandising concepts all in one place? These fabulously designed showrooms and exhibits will leave you brimming with new ideas to take home for your lucky clients.

A New Venue

Brand new this year, The Point (located on Commerce Ave, between S. Main and Wrenn streets) is the market's first freestanding venue and the newest space for personalities and programming, all designed to enhance the buyer experience. For a full listing of programs and events planned for The Point, visit www.highpointmarket.org/the-point.

So Many Events!

You can choose to go it alone all week or spend part of your time with a group such as the Style Spotter Trend Tours, the Insider's Tour, or one of our favorite's Soft Design Lab ‘s Deb Barrett and Jackie Von Tobel and The VIP High Point

Market Experience.

While market is full of fabulous opportunities to engage in the design industry, as a participant you can have an especially good time when you join in on the planned social activities, including two concerts with free food and beverages this year. With a well-rounded plan for this favorite market event, you'll come away with new friends and new ideas! 

Mark Your Calendars

Designer Society of America will host a meeting at the spring market scheduled for April 14-18. Watch your upcoming DSA newsletters for additional details.
Natasha Lima-Younts
Designer Society of America

Celebrating Your Excellence - DSA Professional REWARDS Program

 “Interior designers who engage in developing their professional skills provide more value to their clients, increase revenues and are held up as examples of excellence in the industry.” 
How would you like for that statement to describe you and your professional career? With a little time and determination, it can! Professionals who choose to build on their industry knowledge and skills create new opportunities to better succeed at their chosen profession.
Professionals across a variety of occupations seek continuing education units (CEUs) at trade shows to stay up to date with improvements in technology, products related to their field, and new laws and regulations that pertain to their specific fields and industries. 
Enrollment in design-related classes, courses or workshops 
Attending Markets (High Point, Las Vegas) and Trade shows

THREE Outstanding Benefits

Improved Marketability
Even in the most uncertain economic conditions, designers who have participated in continuing education credits will likely improve their marketability as a professional. 

Network and Expand
Professionals who pursue continuing education credits set themselves up for great opportunities to network with others in their field and make lasting connections that could translate into potential business relationships down the road. Continuing education events and conferences, trade shows and markets provide great settings for interior designers to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Personal Development
Professionals who decide to continue their education are establishing a commitment to their profession that will likely have them re-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and look honestly at where they are and where they'd like to be.