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Interior by Olivier Dwek, featuring the Conoid Dining Table by George Nakashima and ceramics by Tony Marsh and Yoshiro Kimura. Photo © Jarmo Pohjaniemi; courtesy Pierre Marie Giraud, Brussels

Greetings Design Community!

We hope that everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer. As we prepare to resume some semblance of normalcy this fall, designers are still walking a tricky tightrope of sorts. 

Like many industries, the design sector is still dealing with the after-effects of the pandemic. 
The bad side: Unprecedented delays and frustrations.The good side? Unprecedented sales and opportunities. 

In this month's newsletter, we'll dive into some of the reasons why the shipping crisis is happening, share a new casting call for interior designers, and an opportunity to spend time with Design Legends!

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MEET THEM - Interior Design: The Legends 

The Designer Society of America (DSA) is excited to collaborate with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to offer an incredible virtual learning opportunity for our members.

The series, Interior Design: The Legends, is registered for 14 units of continuing education credits with the International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC). Anyone who registers for the program receives a $100 discount off the program price, in addition to a FREE year's membership to DSA.

You're invited to join design influencer, historian, educator, writer, talk show hostess, curator, and keynote speaker Daniella Ohad for a brand new course that will include live, virtual interviews with 10 of the most influential designers around the world.

Interior Design: The Legends is an 11-session course that will investigate the field of interiors today, as well as the concept of “the home” as defined by these designers. The program is essential for architects, interior designers, and anyone interested in design culture.

Participant Perks

DSA members who sign up for the program and provide proof of purchase receive a free year's membership, as well as $100 off of the course price at the time of purchase. Participants are also eligible to receive a total of 14 units of continuing education credits with the IDCEC.


How to Navigate the Shipping Crisis Amid Extended Uncertainty

Like so many other industries—and the United States itself—the design sector is still dealing with lingering effects of the pandemic. One aspect that is causing many headaches is the current global shipping crisis. 
When the pandemic started, no one knew exactly how it would play out. Workers were sidelined, and the world had to adapt to remote….well, everything. Many manufacturing facilities were closed altogether while everyone got their new bearings. 
Then, a reverse shift happened. Realizing that quarantine would go on for at least several months, people decided that if they were stuck at home, they might as well make it more comfortable. After a brief lull, designers' phones began to ring again and soon they were busier than ever. It was a silver lining amidst the pandemic. 
Like a pendulum, the environment has shifted once again and though designers have more exciting projects and opportunities than ever in the pipeline, some of them just can't get finished. That's because a worldwide shipping crisis is interrupting the flow of goods. 
Many manufacturing facilities are based in Asia and Europe, and their products—like furniture and building materials—arrive in other countries via ports on colossal ships stacked high with shipping containers. At one point, even the containers themselves ceased to be manufactured for much of last year. There's also been a foam shortage, fueled by the winter storms in Texas during February of this year. The chemicals used to make foam are manufactured in Texas-based manufacturing facilities which were forced to shut down during the cold snap. 
Now that furniture and foam production have amped up again as more people get vaccinated, there is a long backlog to work through. Making matters worse, cargo ships have doubled in size over the past decade, and many ports are simply not equipped to handle these vessels anymore. As evidenced by the Ever Given shipwreck in the Panama Canal this spring, this can result in a true disaster, not just delayed furniture. Long term, this will be an expensive and monumental problem to fix. 

So how can designers deal with the current shipping delays?

One word: communication. 

The best thing to do is .......FOR MORE


A major tv production company is developing a new reality tv series centered around a female-led design firm.

If you own or work at a firm that employs multiple designers who are creative, fun, and have dynamic personalities we would like to hear from you.

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