What Residential Interior Designers Are Saying

Natalie offers this insight for new designers: Continue to put yourself out there. That consistency and determination pay off, but it's not going to happen overnight. It's about staying true to yourself but also working really hard at it. Start to build a portfolio of work you have done in your own home or mood boards you have designed.  Offer to help friends at a reduced rate for the experience.  Ask seasoned designers for advice or find an opportunity to intern for one.  Start an Instagram feed and start showcasing your work.”
Natalie Papier HOME EC

Above all else, she says, "Stay true to yourself, work hard, and be nice."

Since childhood, I noticed myself drawn to spaces that made me feel something. Constantly rearranging my childhood bedroom furniture, it wasn't long before I learned that I could harness this for myself and eventually provide that same sense of comfort and satisfaction in spaces to others.

My passion is creating something unique for my clients that functions exactly how they need it to -  often in ways they didn't realize possible.  Whether it is a retreat or refuge, a space of high function and creativity, or simply just a well-organized closet or storage area, creating spaces designed for functionality and visual aesthetics brings me as much joy as the people enjoying them.

Omar Zaater | DSA, RIDQC, Allied ASID

architecture. Interiors.

Throughout my life I have pursued interior design with passion. Although at 10 years old, I didn’t know designing was what I was doing. Our family home was a 2 bed/2bath home with a family of 7 people thus, space was not the most obtainable real estate. With a focused eye on empty spaces, I carried a sketch pad with me and drew new designs for better functionality in our home. My father was a contractor and would indulge me by converting the designs I drew into reality. At times, I had to explain why the new design worked better for our family. Incidentally, I also carried a measuring tape!
When my extended family visited, they often remarked on the new design I had created from the last time they were at our home and were curious to know what I was doing next. Whether I was rearranging furniture, hanging new curtains, painting, or creating a more beautiful and functional space, they always knew I was up to something. My creative eye was always looking around to see how we could make a space more functional as well as beautiful.
Achieving the certification for Residential Interior Design has changed the trajectory of my life in an incredible way. The opportunity to study under Natasha was one of the best gifts ever. Her guidance and support along this artistic journey were invaluable! I’ve heard this said many times, “If you love what you do, it’s not work”. Taking this new road in my life as a Certified Interior Designer absolutely embodies this sentiment.
I live in the big state of Texas, where there are still many more spaces that will need new design, aesthetic beauty, and greater functionality. I look forward to bringing them up to another level and making them aesthetically beautiful, functional and safe for the people who will live in them. My personal statement is to listen carefully (details matter), interact with others honestly and with integrity.
Viola Ruiz, DSA. RIDE Certified
Viola Ruiz, Licensing and Review Analyst (ASD, CRID)

Passing the RIDE course means so much to me because I have wanted to be a designer ever since I was a little girl watching HGTV with my mom. This certification will help me pursue my passion and start my future career in interior design as well as be able to learn more within my current company. Passing the RIDE course ultimately means that I get to help other people by making their dreams a reality and helping to turn their houses into homes that they love and can enjoy with friends and family. I aspire to make a difference in people's lives with the work that I love to do.

Nicole Hengesbach
R.I.D.E. Certified

Being a certified residential designer means the world to me because it shows that I have taken the necessary steps in education to be an expert in the field of design. I am no longer just a decorator but I can finally call myself a designer which is something I have dreamt of becoming since I was a little girl. -
Terrica Dorsett
RIDQC Certified Residential Interior Designer
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"Becoming an Interior Designer means a lot to me as it signifies a career change after spending 20 years in commercial real estate. I am proud of my Certification and committed to providing high-quality design services to my clients. In addition to applying for a graduate degree to design hospitality interiors, I am also launching N. Rodriguez Interiors, a design studio to assist residential clients in creating their dream homes."

- Nino Rodriguez, N. Rodriguez Interiors

 "As a self-taught interior designer who has dedicated over two decades to perfecting my craft, earning the RIDQC certification is a profound honor. The RIDQC not only signifies a personal achievement but also a recognition from a distinguished community of professionals. It feels like a stamp of approval for the craft I love, reaffirming my commitment to excellence in the art of interior design, and for the passion and dedication I bring to every project."  
Jennifer Fordham DSA, RIDQC Certified

Armed with a background in Sustainable Development, Anthropology, and the prestigious RIDQC certification, I seamlessly blend creative flair with a profound understanding of sustainability. My commitment extends beyond the ordinary, aiming to inspire change and contribute to a more environmentally conscious world through innovative interior design practices.

Excited to be featured on the Designer Society of America's website, I eagerly anticipate sharing my passion for sustainable interior design. Let's collaboratively craft spaces that captivate aesthetically while actively contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Julia Eanes, RIDQC

"Earning my NYAD interior design degree and successfully completing the RIDQC assessment signifies a profound commitment to my craft, showcasing a mastery of design principles and a dedication to professional excellence. This accomplishment resonates deeply with my lifelong dreams and passion for Interior Design, serving as a tangible certification that crowns a significant milestone in my academic journey. From a young age, my passion for interior design was fueled through my consumption of the latest magazines and pictures. For me, Nature has always provoked a sense of peace and warmth.  From day one, organic materials, neutral color palettes, imperfect surfaces, and unique objects are the source of my inspiration." 
Silvia Azzolina Chiara - Rhode Island -
RIDQC Certified!

I am a proud graduate of the NYIAD Interior Design course. I am thankful for the instruction and feedback given throughout the course, which I enjoyed. Passing my RIDQC certification examination is a great accomplishment for me, and I look forward to the doors this will open in following my passion. I look forward to working with Clients and creating aesthetically pleasing interior designs for their dream spaces.

Andrene Sargeant
NYIAD Interior Design
RIDQC Certified

I'm Renata Slaton and becoming a "RIDQC Certified Interior Designer" has given me the opportunity to chase a dream I've had since I was a little girl. I believe thoughtful design can beautifully impact the lives of others. Being able to bring beauty and joy into someone's home is a wonderful privilege. I feel a new sense of confidence with this certification and am excited for what's to come. 

Renata Slaton
RIDQC Certified 

My name is Jennifer Puckett and I have been a professional classical symphony musician my whole life. I feel that my background in the arts has inspired my creativity for the interior design world. In 2015, the builder and architect that I worked with on a large home renovation project encouraged me to go get certified in interior design. I immediately began the process and received a certification with the New York Institure of Art & Design. I then started my business Earthbelle Design & Decor, LLC in 2017.

Jennifer Puckett DSA, RIDQC Certified

Interior Design and art is my passion. That's why I decided to become an interior designer. Space is a reflection of your soul, so take care of it. As a certified interior designer, I want to help my clients attain comfort and function in their space.

Isabella Pujdak 
RIDQC Certified

Becoming a Certified Residential Interior Designer means the world to me! It's a reflection of my hard work, dedication, and passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces that truly enhance people's lives. With this certification, I feel confident and excited to take on new challenges and bring my clients' visions to life.

"I recently graduated from the NYIAD Interior Design Course and have successfully passed the RIDQC Exam. I am a proud Designer Society of America (DSA) member. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Specialization in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from Lynn University. Since 2014, I have worked as a Real Estate Salesperson in her hometown of Buffalo, NY, and participated in my first full gut renovation project in 2015. Through this project, I discovered my passion for designing homes and went on to found Custom Space Transformations. This renovation company has been running concurrently with my real estate business. My aspiration to become a top designer has been a lifelong dream, which I am now committed to and pursuing with zeal and enthusiasm. My work ethic is characterized by strategic thinking, goal-oriented, and strong personal ethics. I am particularly passionate and skilled in working with challenging clients. My recent accomplishment of passing the RIDQC Certification Exam for Residential Interior Design demonstrates my commitment to this profession.
I look forward to working with new clients and hearing more about the design challenges and visions I can accomplish with you."

“Hello! My name is Caitlyn Conner and becoming RIDQC certified has been a huge personal goal towards where I want to go in the Residential Interior Design world. My personal residence has changed many times over the past few years which is truly how my passion for interiors came to be. It became so important for me to design my own homes- to add functional, beautiful and meaningful touches that could adapt to the different seasons of my life, no matter how long I was there. My goal is to bring that to the lives of others; to uniquely blend beauty, meaning and function to homes and those that dwell within them and ultimately to help people realize the great potential of the spaces they call home.”

Caitlyn Conner
NYIAD graduate & RIDQC Certified
Passing the Residential Interior Design Education course "RIDE" is one of the most significant achievements of my life, and now, as a residential interior designer, I have arrived. I am here; I love to design. I am creating unique spaces with love. Designing, starting from a dream to reality, is unique. A passion for the history of Italian design shapes my style for design.
Genesis Rincon
RIDE Certified

As a lifelong design enthusiast, completing my DSA, RIDQC certification means I can take my passion for interior design to the next level. Helping design enthusiasts experience curated interiors is what I do: helping them create lasting memories is who I am.  

Natacha Lortie RIDQC
Creative Director ID TOPO
Contact me: www.idtopo.com

Hi! I’m Andrea Romero and am honored to be a part of the DSA. Passing the RIDQC exam has given me the opportunity to follow my biggest dream. It has allowed me to become a credible and reputable residential interior designer. I love all aspects of design, and I love the challenge. I am passionate about making my clients ’ houses feel like a home! 

Andrea Romero DSA RIDQC Certified

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Hello! I am Laura Pennington, and I am so proud to hold the title “RIDQC-Certified Residential Interior Designer.” Environment and design play massive roles in our lives—particularly within our homes. I am grateful for all opportunities that allow me to create a bit of beauty and breathe new life into a space.

Laura Pennington Interiors


Passing the RIDE course means so much to me! Interior Design was my first major in college; however, within the first year, I decided to switch to Construction Management because it was a more lucrative field at that time. After a successful Thirty-plus-year career in the Design and Construction Industry, I still had a passion for becoming an Interior Designer. When I heard about The Residential Interior Design course at The University of Houston, I quickly signed up. 
Over the years, I had l dabbled in helping friends and family put together beautiful spaces. However, I had no idea how much more goes into the Interior Design Process until now! The course took me to places I had never been before, challenging and pushing me to expand my knowledge to ensure quality work and happy clients. 
Yes, I would say the RIDE course has made a significant difference in expanding my knowledge of the interior design process. This course has touched me in the way I process everything I learned from it today, tomorrow, and always. I can’t wait to launch my new company. Thank You, Natasha Lima-Younts, for recognizing my achievements! 
Principal and Founder of Constructive Logic, LLC

Passing the RIDE course holds immense personal significance, representing a journey of growth, dedication, and a deepening passion for the art of residential interior design. This achievement is not merely a certificate but a testament to my commitment to excellence in transforming spaces. The RIDE course has honed my skills, expanded my creative vision, and instilled confidence in my abilities as an interior designer. It marks a milestone in my professional development, reflecting the countless hours invested and the invaluable knowledge gained. I am not just certified. I am empowered to bring inspired design to life in the homes of others. 

Thanks again, 
Sabrina Kim Wone RIDE Certificate of Completion
Residential Interior Design Education
Residential Interior Design 

"Discovering my passion for interior design, I have always been drawn to spaces that evoke emotion.  After years of working as a conservator on historic buildings, I have gained a unique perspective on details and decorative techniques used for ages around the world. My diverse educational and professional background has given me a unique perspective on interior design and a customer service philosophy that prioritizes the needs and preferences of my clients. 
Becoming a Certified Residential Designer has been a crucial milestone in my career. It shows my clients that I am dedicated to their satisfaction and provides me with the credibility I need as a designer. 
I am very proud of this achievement! It shows my passion to the art of interior design, and I couldn't be happier to share my passion with others."
Olga Osip RIDQC 

I love turning a house into a home in ways clients might not think possible.  There is no better reward than seeing their happiness and relief when entering their redesigned living spaces, indoors or outdoors. Enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of a home turns it into a welcoming retreat while inviting more opportunities to celebrate life with family and friends. Becoming a Certified Residential Interior Designer shows clients that I am dedicated to my profession and committed to designing spaces that simultaneously meet their needs and fulfill their dreams. I greatly appreciate DSA’s ongoing support and invaluable network of wise, experienced design professionals.

Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein

Ever since I was young, I have dreamed of following in the footsteps of a well-known Interior Designer who lived on our street in Quebec City. He used to bring me the Roche Bobois catalogs, and our conversations together always gravitated around interior design. After studying arts (aesthetics of presentation) in college and completing a baccalaureate in history of art, I took a different path, working for a number of years in the tourism industry before becoming a French teacher. When I retired from teaching, I had still not fulfilled my dream of Interior Design, but I just did because of NYIAD! (This shows that it is never too late to follow your dreams!)

Even though I had basic knowledge and intuition because of my background and primarily because of my passion in this field, the Interior Design course at NYIAD helped me to understand the “why” of every decision an Interior Designer makes. 
I learned to look at a room with a new approach, following the basic principles taught throughout the course. This course also opened my horizons and made me curious about styles that I would have never considered before. 

Another aspect of the course that I truly enjoyed was the way history was introduced behind various elements such as furniture or even windows. It gave me a better understanding of how various period styles can be harmonized. In addition, the course provided me with interesting facts to share with my clients. 

The course was extremely detailed, covering all possible aspects of Interior Design. My mentor, Janet Ramin, was always accessible and friendly and my teacher, Marilyn Jacobs, always provided me with interesting feedback as well as some fabulous tips that are already in my toolbox!

Finally, the Interior Design course at NYIAD allowed me to look at a room with a fresh eye… maybe what they referred to as “ The eye of the designer”?!

I feel that receiving such a prestigious certification as RIDQC will validate my qualifications as a professional Interior Designer and give me more recognition and confidence. Mostly, I know that I will enjoy interacting with my peers as well as learning from their own experiences. 
Now, I look forward to transforming people’s dreams into reality!
Hélène Lavoie
Graduated from NYIAD
Recipient of the coveted Merit Award
Kingston, Ontario 

Good design tells a story and evokes emotion. You feel it – energized, joyful, serene, safe, love. There are few things more personal than one's environment. As the fortunate designer who gains trusted entry into someone's world, it’s my responsibility and privilege to learn who my clients are, their background and heritage, what they care about, and how they want to experience, live in, and perform in their spaces. Being a RIDQC-certified designer and member of DSA means being part of a creative brain trust with extensive experience, ideas, and inspiration that I can bring to my work and clients.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you.

"Our living spaces need to reflect who we are with style and personality, comfort, and serenity. I enjoy finding that balance for people and have been doing so for over a decade. As an artist, sculptor, and art professor, I am drawn to vibrant but selectively curated environments that inspire without overwhelming the inhabitants. Improving spaces has been a passion of mine since I was a child, and now it’s a job that’s not really a job because I enjoy it so much.

Meeting clients, getting to know them, and genuinely offering assistance so they can have the best experience with me and ongoing with their spaces is truly inspiring and satisfying.
Obtaining the RIDQC certification means a lot to me because of the credibility it offers and the opportunities it opens. This was hard-earned, and I’m proud of it.
Dee Westfall RIDQC

Becoming an accomplished and practicing Interior Designer has been a life-changing experience for me. Next stop will be my RDIQC! I strongly feel it will provide me with a stronger foundation in the principles and best practices of interior design. I look forward to learning how to better analyze and understand the needs of my clients, provide better design concepts, and how to better execute projects from start to finish. 
Through my practice in interior design, I have created spaces that not only look beautiful but also function in a way that meets each client's unique needs. I have seen firsthand how the right design can improve the quality of life for individuals and families, and it is incredibly rewarding to be a part of that process.
I have also had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients, each with their own unique tastes and preferences. This has challenged me to be creative and to think outside the box to come up with designs that truly reflect their personalities and styles.
Overall, jumping into the RDIQC program will give me the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue a fulfilling career in interior design that allows me to use my creativity to new heights, greatly increasing my abilities to improve people’s spaces and lives.

Aileen Acosta
Designer/Technical Designer
Owner of AA Design & Consulting, LLC
Las Vegas, Nevada

Since I was young, I have always been drawn to spaces that made me feel something. As a child constantly rearranging my bedroom furniture and seeing what I could do with my space, I knew that a career in Interior Design was my future. Completing the RIDE course means new opportunities for a lifelong career that I have dreamt about. Being a student has not always been my strong suit. I put my all into this course. This achievement means proving to myself and others what I am capable of and continuing to push and challenge myself to experience and learn new things. 
 My goal for this career is to make a house a home. There is no better reward than seeing others' happiness and relief when walking into their newly designed home. Completing the RIDE course shows my dedication and passion for Interior Design. It only goes up from here. 

Thank you once again, 
Micaela Jourden R.I.D.E Graduate

Residential Interior Design Education

I am proud to announce that I am officially a DSA Residential Interior Designer - RIDE Certified. I'm grateful for the opportunities I received throughout the process and excited for this new journey. 

Jennifer Flores DSA RIDE Certified

Thank you so much for an amazing experience! I've gained a tremendous understanding of residential interior design. The program was very challenging yet so satisfying!

It was a lifelong dream to finally have the opportunity to complete the residential interior design education certificate! I have always had a good eye for design, and an excellent education provides me with a solid foundation to forge a promising new career journey as a designer. 

Best Regards  

Denise R.I.D.E Graduate

Residential Interior Design Education

“Having passed the RIDQC and becoming a certified residential interior designer is a testament to my dedication and passion to create not only beautiful spaces, but spaces that are functional and comfortable for living.”

RIDQC Certified


Principal Designer


I'm very passionate about helping people decorate their homes on any budget and in a variety of styles.
Becoming a RIDQC Certified Residential Interior Designer greatly expanded my knowledge and improved my skills, and now I can provide even more outstanding service and expertise to my clients. 
For me, interior design is all about transforming a living space into a person's dream room or home.
Thank you,
Izabela Debowczyk RIDQC Certified

"It is not a secret that home is the most significant place in our life. At home we relax, communicate with loved ones, have guests and make plans for the future… That’s why it is really important not just to make this space cozy and comfortable for living but to bring to the interior a spirit of individuality, which will be a reflection of the client’s personal style and way of life. We are all different! Good interior is like made-to-measure suit that takes into account all the features of the client and can perfectly fit to specific person or family, but not to everybody. I create spaces that feel personal. While working on the interior, one of the key points I focus on, is creation of a special atmosphere. I do care that our clients are happy in that space, what mood the interior will bring them, what feelings they will have living there — these are very important questions… Only if I find the right answers, I can consider the project to be a success! 
"My goal and my personal mission is to create interiors inspired by clients' individuality and designed for happiness".
Karina Pimenova
Designing worldwide from Antwerp, Belgium

My Name is Rhea Khanna, I am originally from Mumbai, India, and relocated to the USA in February 2022.

I realized my passion for Interior Design and Architecture back in high school, and since then, I have not stopped working toward becoming a better designer. 
I have been blessed to travel to parts of India as well as a few other countries in the world, and with that, I carry my passion for architecture and also for the intricate designs that each place has to offer. I enjoy creating spaces that strongly resonate with the client’s personality and give a sense of warmth and happiness when you enter that space. My aim is to ensure that I bring about a seamless aura between the client and the space associated with them.

Here is a link to my Instagram profile - 

Thank you!

The art of transforming or creating a new space to reflect the occupant's style and needs is what design is all about.  I'm always learning about new products, architectural features, and better ways to serve my clients.  

Angela J Knight, CKBR, R.I.D.E Certified 

I design custom spaces that my clients are proud to call home.  Seamless integration of traditional and modern design creates timeless rooms that will never go out of style-achieving my client's dream results with their timeline, budget, and vision.

Allie McMinn

One Bleeker

Just as we enjoy nature's beauty, why not enjoy the wonders humans have created to live in spaces with style, comfort, and harmony?

I have always been a faithful admirer of what I consider beautiful, the best of each culture's contributions to art, technology, traditions, designs, styles, and all that nourishes our souls and senses.

I have always dreamed of designing spaces that provide a healthy, pleasant, comfortable quality of life by designing interiors tailored to the client's environment, budget, and possibilities. The best way to make reality all this that we enjoy and to put it within our reach is to design each space we occupy daily with everything that makes us feel happy and comfortable, with things that we like, and surround ourselves with what contributes to creating that cozy dream space with style, comfort, and warmth. That is precisely the essence of the work of the residential interior designer!

The wonderful thing about all this work is the diversity of options available to us as Residential Interior Designers. We can please each unique client regardless of age, gender, tastes, preferences, or nationality. Each client is unique, and the possibilities are endless.

Obtaining the RIDE accreditation has been a gratifying and enriching challenge; I have greatly enjoyed this process.

Adriana Palazuelos G.

RIDE Graduate 

Residential Interior Design Education

Being certified with the RIDQC means learning the importance of providing the customer with an aesthetic, comfortable, and functional environment to increase the quality of life at home and work.

To understand the client's needs, their routine, and the spaces in the house to transform it into an environment with harmony and balance. 

Carolina Medrado RIDQC Certified DSA

Interior Designer  - Landscaping - Decoration



Nest & Co. Design website

Thank you, Natasha!

I just read my feedback from you on my final project. Thank you very much for what has been quite a journey into the craft of interior design. I truly loved the course; it was informative and detailed.

Your informative and concise feedback made me reflect on my submissions and want to learn more. 

At the end of this course, I have so much information to work with and of course, to improve and learn more!

As we say in Scotland, this course was “brilliant.” so my heartfelt; thank you for your time, detailed, informative feedback, and for providing a foundation I can work with. Many thanks for sharing you’re knowledge and talent.

Susie Masters

RIDE Residential Interior Design Education

Scotland / USA

Passing the RIDE course is another step closer to doing what I love. I've had a fascination with design for a long time, all kinds of design. Interior Design is special because you're able to customize it to fit yourself. Every design tells a story.

I'm looking forward to helping others find a style that fits them, along with capturing a moment in time and making their dream a reality.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Residential Interior Design Education

RIDE Graduate

Allison Church

“This is a dream come true. Since I was 14 years old, I have wanted to become an interior designer. Life choices made that dream obsolete. When we looked into this program, I was ecstatic. With my whole heart, I dove into the program and enjoyed every minute of it. Yes, even the tests! The material is thorough, and the assignments are fun. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for making this “little girl's heart’s” dream come true!”

Brenda Earley 

RIDE Graduate

Residential Interior Design Education

Passing the RIDE course means I went after this goal to better my career and myself, and  I accomplished just that!

I learned so much I didn’t know 6 months ago. This picture of me was inspired from school! When studying Architecture, my husband and I took a trip to Chicago to see it all in person. Interior design is an art, and I can’t wait to help my clients personalize their homes with new ideas, designs, and functionality.

Katie Elumbaugh  R.I.D.E.

Western Idaho Builders LLC

& Boise Premier Real Estate

Becoming a residential interior designer has been a dream come true for me, as it allows me to combine my passion for creativity, problem-solving, and transforming spaces into personalized havens. The ability to positively impact people's lives by creating beautiful and functional environments brings me immense joy and fulfillment. It's a career that constantly challenges and inspires me, allowing me to continuously grow and evolve in the pursuit of turning dreams into reality. 

Instagram @candydodsoninteriors 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity

Candy Dodson 

Passing the RIDE course has meant the world to me!

The subjects covered are inspiring and challenging 

and have given me enough tools to realize what a Residential Interior Designer 

can do, and how to start my own business. Natasha was an inspiration to my designer path.

Thank you! 

Patricia Acosta

Margarita Bravo "Engineer turned Interior Designer out of pure passion. Mom first, entrepreneur second. Always aiming for higher grounds. I design my furniture."


Margarita Bravo

Chief Creative Officer

Thank you!

My passion

Being an interior designer means, well, everything to me.  I see interior design as more than just selecting colors, fabrics, and furniture and putting them together. It's about appreciating the spaces we design where people will live and work each day.  Our clients invite us into their homes and workspaces, exposing their lives and all the flaws in their homes/offices.  We as designers must gain a client's complete trust to accurately interpret their design desires and needs and successfully deliver a result that improves how they live and work. Interior design is not necessarily about the talent we bring to a project but how the design can improve the client's life. 

Javier Fernandez

New York, New Jersey, and Palm Beach Areas

Transitional Designs, Inc.

“I believe interior designs should reflect creativity and innovation! Becoming a certified residential interior designer has given me a unique opportunity not only to explore my creativity further but also it is an opportunity to help others do the same.  Many thanks to my instructor, Natasha Younts, for her encouragement throughout the course!”

Maria Haney, R.I.D.E Certified

Owner, SMN Design International

“As a fairly new member, I was so impressed with the honor and attention that DSA gave my work and my profession, despite the fact that I did not have formal training. This welcome was offered before they knew I was on a TV show; it was just the feeling of support that's there is value in your services as long as you are pursuing knowledge and growth, you are in the right place. And it's wonderful for a designer to have that support. DSA has offered that without question from the beginning.”
 Noel Gatts  Principal Designer Beam & Bloom 
@HGTV Host on #HomeInspectorJoe

Interior Enthusiast + Designer 

Being certified with RIDQC means a higher level of understanding and commitment to completing design projects and improving the functional beauty of home spaces.

Angela Anderson

I am an advocate for clients' hopes and dreams regarding their homes.

Kitchen redesign, a bathroom remodel, or optimizing a room or structure-- I am committed to learning my client's goals for their spaces and actualizing them for their ultimate satisfaction. RIDCQ certification assures my clients that I am driven to work for them; it indicates a determination for constant improvement to their benefit.  Certification and continued education differentiate me from amateurs and hone my proven solid professional skills. 

Tina Klucsik, founder Lyons-Archer

Lyons-Archer Designs

Tina Klucsik, RIDQC, AKBD, WFCP

Two things that I love are design and people. For me, interior design starts with understanding my clients and helping them discover their styles, then creating a space that truly reflects them. Sometimes it is not about the latest trends or styles; it's about making a client's house feel like their home, only better!
Maisie Knowles RIDQC Certifed

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Becoming RIDQC Certified is rewarding because art and design have been a big passion and part of my life. This certification is a testament to my hard work! 

Jessica Kearny RIDQC

The R.I.D.E course was an amazing opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of the history of interior design. I have a great passion for design!! I remember rearranging and decorating our home as early as 8. I specialize in space planning, window treatments, lighting design, color consultation, and home remodels. Taking the R.I.D.E course has taken me to a whole new level!!! From the Victorian Era to the Art Deco Era, the lessons and the plan cover it all as you dive deep into the history of the first professional interior designer. I'm glad I took this course!!!
Wanda Brown
R.I.D.E Certified
Residential Interior Design Education

Earning my RIDQC certification was one of the best things I've invested in for my business! It gives me that extra confidence that I know and understand my craft of interior design, while providing credibility to prospective clients and existing clients. I'm so glad I made the decision to do the work required to achieve this certification.

Melissa Fields  RIDQC Certified
Owner & President, Shades of Gray Design Studio

When we moved from our lovely home in Franklin, TN, my husband and I decided to turn that sadness into a new project and build our next home. We found a great builder. He was open to all our ideas, and I found great joy in the creative process. As our home neared completion, our builder, Brian Hayes, asked if I would be his decorator. I was elated! 3 great years of working with him passed, and things didn’t feel complete. I Longingly dreamt of doing more in this area and wished I could hold onto the homes we were building until they were complete with the final touches of furnishings and accessories. I leaped all in and started the RIDE, Residential Interior Design Education- certification process. My teacher, Natasha Lima- Younts, was excellent! I learned so much from her and am grateful for all I have studied and applied through this certification process.
Melissa Ferre R.I.D.E Certified

Hi, I am Kenneth Leung, and I am passionate about Interior Design and research. I have 17 years of experience in Interior and Furnishing Design, and I am constantly seeking new opportunities to grow and learn, as a Certified Residential Interior Designer, I’ll keep seeking growing and innovation in my works/projects. Outside of work, I enjoy classical music and traveling around the world. I am excited to join the DSA community and look forward to connecting with like-minded individuals.
Kenneth Leung
RIDQC Certified

To me, passing the RIDE course is an eye-opening experience--there is a plethora of opportunities waiting for us--however, it is up to us to chase our dreams and find our hidden talents each and every day.

--Maggie Mazur
RIDE Certified

It is so fitting at this lovely time of year in celebration of Thanksgiving that I am feeling so much better and am most thankful for you and your wonderful course. You have given me so much positive energy and inspiration from miles away, and yet I feel it as though you are standing right next to me, cheering me on.
Your Interior Design, ed2go course contains all of the good qualities that I believe an onine course should: engaging and challenging without overwhelming; clear, concise instruction; valuable and quick instructor feedback; and in this case very creative. There is not another school out there that I feel is as interesting and motivating as Interior Design by you, Natasha Lima-Younts.
I am looking forward to a long and delightful career making use of all of the tools and knowledge you have instilled in me.
You are quite simply the Best!
Thank you!
Warmest regards,

You can absolutely call it a comeback! After my 18-month recovery from a near-death illness. I decided to pursue my passions anew. I had always been a design enthusiast, so I went all-in with professional accreditation. Accomplishing this goal is more than a pivot; it is an upgrade, an ever-expanding horizon. It is a new mode of expressing my purpose and contributing to my community. And in some ways, it feels like, finally, a return to myself. I am proud to be a DSA-RIDQC certified Interior Designer.


Katherine Cooper



From a very young age, I have loved design. Through the years, I have worked in various different jobs, but my love for design impelled me to follow that dream.  Becoming a certified Residential Designer through RIDQC offers such a great opportunity to be able to work in something I am passionate about.  My travel experiences throughout the Caribbean, Africa and Europe are a great springboard for my designs.  I love incorporating color when designing a room.  I look forward to curating spaces and creating designs that are unique as well as beautiful!
Camile Howard
|Residential Interior Designer| RIDQC Certified

Becoming a Residential Interior Designer has been a lifelong dream, finally becoming a reality. 
I love transforming spaces into comfortable, functional living spaces for my clients to enjoy for years to come. 

RIDQC Certified
Thank you!
Cait Lauring

I love interior design. It wasn't always a conscious passion but a steady process of understanding the difference interior design can make in people's lives and homes. 

I grew up moving around a lot with my family. With each move, we learned how to make our new house function and, even more importantly, feel suitable for us. That is what interior design means to me; it's about creating a space that gives those who walk into it the welcoming embrace of home. 

Having this certification is another step for me on this exciting path to learn, grow and experience more in the field of interior design. I can't wait to continue this journey and someday be a part of making "home"  perfect for a client. That would bring me true joy.

-Anna Davidson RIDQC Certified

Becoming a RIDQC Certified Residential Interior Designer means I can finally turn my design passion into a career. Having the necessary qualifications to support my portfolio gives me the confidence to take my work to the next level.

Molly Simard RIDQC Certified

“The RIDE certification and education have provided me the knowledge and self-confidence I needed to pursue my goals & to help others achieve their  design goals.” 

Thank you so much, Ms.Lima-Younts, for the opportunity and feedback that helps me understand and grow. Best regards,

Joseyris Acevedo Tejeda 

"Being an Interior designer allows me to use my creativity and experience to create spaces that bring joy, clarity, style, and comfort to my clients.  I believe it's not about me; it's all about the client.  Your space should reflect you! Your Experiences, Your Travel, Your Culture, and Your History!  The passion I exude radiates to the client, who realize that I am truly there for them.  I am their advocate and always have their best interest at heart!  I LOVE what I do!"

Always Designing, Karen

Karen Hardy

Interior Design is my absolute passion. Participating at Designer Trade Fairs or the excitement when I receive new samples from vendors, feeling the textures and colors, with hundreds of ideas running through my mind, are just priceless. When designing a kitchen layout, the satisfaction when it comes to life in a 3D rendering and seeing the client's reaction is overwhelming. Each project is unique, and each client is different in their specific requirements and priorities. I believe one of the key ingredients to success in this industry is to listen to and understand your client for the design process to start on the right track.  The passion and motivation for our work push us toward the pursuit of excellence.



Miami & Spain 

The learning provided a deeper understanding of the art, science, logic, fundamentals, and history of Interior Design and the mindset and professionalism required to serve the client best. I realized that I was up until then practicing as an amateur indulging in a hobby.

The certification provided the stamp of validation and professionalism.


Swapna Abraham

RIDQC Certified

Residential Interior Design

Dubai, India, USA

"Being a certified residential designer solidifies my passion for interior design. My goal is to make interior design accessible for all, and by gaining the knowledge and expertise, I am given the ability to offer that now. The process makes it all worthwhile and so rewarding!"

Stephanie Narewski DSA,

RIDQC certified

Driftscape Designs


Hi, I am Shelley Amato, the principal owner and creative director of ADG. I'm an innovative, trustworthy, and experienced interior designer in Chicago, IL specializing in creating beautiful homes from the ground up.

Nothing makes me happier than watching my client's reactions when they see a room transformed and completed. I love creating beautiful spaces for people to live in.

I change people's lives, one room at a time.

Shelley Amato, IDS, DSA,

Interior Design Professional

Adorn Design Group


"When you change your environment, your soul changes with it.""I love helping clients become a better version of themselves. It's a journey we embark on together, and when you change your environment, your soul changes with it."   

I have always been a designer at heart, and in my 40’s, I left my job as a construction engineer and mining business director in Sweden and went with my dream to become an interior designer. Studying at NYIAD was genuinely amazing; the teachers were attentive and knowledgeable. I could study at my own pace, and when I graduated, I moved on to get certified with RIDQC. My NYIAD education and RIDQC, together with a DSA membership, are all well recognized both in the US and internationally, and it gives you a great platform to start your own designer journey.

 Christina Richardson Interiors - DSA, RIDQC certified

Sweden - USA

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I have been fortunate to have been in the design industry for over 35 years! I'm inspired by design and architecture from the past and the present...I look to the past for my forward-thinking projects.

I love to add an Edgy Mix To The Norm!

Tula Summerford

Design by Tula


"Having been a nurse in my previous career, I enjoy helping people and believe that interior design can be a powerful catalyst for finding enjoyment in your life. I have a bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design 2004 from Suffolk University and many years of experience in interior design and spatial planning.

In 2012, White Interiors was born out of a love for the creative design process and my passion for helping people find their style.  I started the business based on the simple idea that the best interiors reflect the personalities and lifestyles of the occupants.  I can guide you through selecting the suitable materials for your home decorating project."

DSA Member


Becoming certified as a Residential Designer gives me a chance to take my passion for decorating, and share it with others. Being able to bring a physical change, that would cause an emotional change to a family home, or business is the most rewarding experience. 

Sandra Halliday, RIDQC Certified

Being an Interior Designer means bringing together different colors, textures, and elements to create a harmonious environment where clients can find function, joy, and comfort. Nothing brings me more joy than getting  "invited" when a project is completed!

Nika Starkweather

RIDQC Certified

Being a RIDQC Certified Interior Designer provides me with extra confidence when meeting with potential clients, & I take pride in maintaining the integrity of my work

.  - Amie Woeppel WildFire Design Studio  Key West, Florida

I love having the opportunity and privilege to help people improve their homes within their budget. Getting the RIDQC certificate has helped me not only feel better qualified to help others but provides credentials for others to trust in my capabilities. Sarah Flores RIDQC

I am proud to be a recently certified residential interior designer through the RIDQC program. Design has long been a passion of mine, and I'm proud to have taken this step toward building a career in design and helping others to achieve their vision to make their home a place of respite and beauty. 

Bathsheba Philpott


I am absolutely thrilled that I have become R.I.D.E. Certified!! I have ALWAYS wanted to be an Interior Designer since I was a kid. Now that I'm R.I.D.E Certified, I'm one step closer to making my dream a reality. I'm hoping to take the RIDQC so I can officially be a Residential Certified Interior Designer.

My goal as a designer is to help people create their Dream Home!

I cannot wait to start my career as a residential interior designer! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this opportunity!!! 

Emily Asato R.I.D.E Graduate 

Residential Interior Design Education 

Having a residential interior design certification reassures my clients of my competence in the design industry, and I couldn't imagine doing business without it!”

Mariel Wright 

Mariel Wright Interiors

Jupiter, Florida  USA

R.I.D.E .Certified

To start my career as a certified interior designer gives me the confidence to proceed, knowing I can reassure my clients I have extensive knowledge in the field to support future projects with ease. Being a designer is a unique layered process of details and a big responsibility, the most rewarding job I can imagine. 

Ryan Deanon DSA

RIDQC Certified

Interior Design, for me, is one way to share my gifts and passion for life. As a previous Physical Therapist, I focused on creating functional and safe spaces for my patients. As a Designer, I get to do that plus make their home aesthetically pleasing. 

Interior Design is a perfect blend of serving others, creating beauty, and bringing joy to my clients!

Kori Steigerwald

 "Decorating is to be in tune with colors, art, and soul ..." My name is Flavia Gueiros, and I am genuinely passionate about arts, decoration, and bold designs

Flavia Gueiros

Flavia Gueiros Designs

Design is my passion!  My Client's Face on Reveal Day! This is my ultimate reward. Seeing tears of joy, overwhelmed as they see their vision for their home is now a reality...makes months of planning, late nights, broken nails, and behind-the-scenes work...worth every moment!

Juliana Ewer

Owner- J Squared Interior Designs


                                                                                                                                  My sweet client's overwhelmed on Reveal Day

Our first job is to listen to you, the client, no matter how small or large the need. We take that information and turn it into an innovative design, pleasing to the eye and touch, and even sound, a plan that efficiently uses space and meets your budget.  

Thank you for your consideration

Patti Sonnenberg

Great Finds & Design

Pewaukee, WI 53072

Great Finds Design


Award-winning interior designer living on the French Riviera but working internationally.

La vie est belle!

Julie Kilgallon

French Riviera

Julie Kilgallon Interiors

Being an interior designer is FANTASTIC because I wake up

each day and be like the most extraordinary and exceptional designer

ever. GOD created SO much inspiration throughout my surroundings and

the world that I can use daily to help guide me with design projects.

To have a creative mentality not only to transform people's

surroundings, but their life is beyond transcending and a powerful gift.

Thank you!

Kimberly C. Lyons DSA

R.I.D.E. Certified

Ask yourself: What do you want to feel when you walk into a room?

Elizabeth Ashley Interiors

Being a certified designer fills me with a sense of validation, reassurance, and motivation. The experience and knowledge gained from this course have led me on the right path as I pave my way toward success within my dream career. This course has fully equipped me with all the tools I needed to convert any home into a soulful extension of its owners.  


Noemi Jerez  RIDE Certificate

Jerez Residential Interior Design

Space planning & kitchen design expert. I love how redoing someone's kitchen has transformed their family's life- they start living a healthier life. My clients tell me that they cook & entertain more and are overall happier in their spaces. 

Remya Warrior

Owner of Kitchen Designers NJ

Interior/Kitchen Designer

As an Interior Designer, I have the ability to create a space that someone will love, surrounded by the things they love!  I thoroughly enjoy bringing a client's vision into a reality that they can appreciate and live within every day!

Michelle Sarkisian

Interior Designer

Rockaway, NJ  

Thank you for this program to someone like myself, who needed the convenience of an online course while working full time as a nanny and now starting a new job in the field I have been studying for.  
Again, thank you so much for providing this program.
Lauren Burton

RIDE Certified


To start my career as a certified interior designer gives me the confidence to proceed, knowing I can reassure my clients I have extensive knowledge in the field to support future projects with ease. Being a designer is a unique layered process of details and a big responsibility, the most rewarding job I can imagine. 

All the best

Charlotte Heminway



"Becoming a certified designer has opened up a new world; I can finally use my creativity to bring happiness and beauty to someone's home.  My eyes are now open everywhere I go, whether through travel or just walking into someone's home.  I take in the architecture, I try to visualize the exquisite design by other designers, and it feels like a career choice that will let me utilize my talents."

Lyndsay R.

R.I.D.E .Certified


 I chose the field of interior design to be self-sufficient and to be able to work a flexible schedule to support my kids. As a single mom of college, high, middle, and elementary kids, Interior design has inspired me to show them the can-do attitude that will set them apart from others, no matter where they go.

Thank you.

Leslyan Jones R.I.D.E. Certified  

Residential Interior Design Education


Hi! Thanks for the opportunity!

First off, this certification is exciting because this is a career path that I am super excited about. I currently work for Restoration Hardware, and I know there. Are numerous opportunities for me. After graduation from WCU, I decided I wanted to further my education and learn new skills.


R.I.D.E .Certified

Victoria Bartholomew  

Good morning!  I've learned so much about the residential interior design industry.  I haven't had an educational course in many years, so it was challenging to get back in the swing of homework & projects, LOL. Still, I overcame many challenges due to your and my family's positive encouragement. I genuinely thank you for your time and help. Certification will give me the education and confidence boost to reach a professional level.
Latoya W
RIDE Certified

I am a residential interior designer from the Bronx, New York. My passion for interior design is motivated by my ability to turn any space into something spectacular. It allows me to create, recreate, and bring out the artist in myself aesthetically pleasing manner.
Julissa Contreras

We are all THRILLED with your program, to say the least.
Donna W  RIDE Certified

It was a long trip for this certification, but it brought me great self-confidence and valuable proof as an interior designer.
RIDQC Certified
 RIDQC Certified 
To me, design creates a story and a feeling when you walk into or see a picture of space. It needs to spark inspiration, bend the rules & be over the top with details.
Laura West


I'm a minimalist with a passion for the Bauhaus design style. I completed my course with the New York Institute of Arts & Design. 

Juneid A. Othman
R.I.D.E .Certified

I really enjoyed the certification education and have learned so much! Thanks so much, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sadie E   R.I.D.E . Certified
R.I.D.E .Certified
This has meant a lot to me, and I'm grateful for the time you have taken to point me in the right direction & encourage me!
Thank you again; I regret not being able to meet you in person! 
Thank you so much for everything!
In the spirit of design,

R.I.D.E .Certified
Good evening 

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and your feedback. I really enjoyed the course and studying with you. I will keep working on learning and growing from that.

Thank you again; it was a pleasure!

Sincerely, Vadim   Malibu, California
R.I.D.E .Certified

 ... I know this is the career for me since every lesson is enjoyable and a learning experience. I have not found anything to be boring. Even in the areas I feel I am naturally good at; I still find that I am learning something new.  I wish I had started this career choice 20 years ago!
I look forward to each lesson and my new future. A person is never too old to learn something new or start a new path. 
Have a beautiful day!
Candice D. California
R.I.D.E .Certified

I really enjoyed this certification course and want to thank you for all the support, feedback, and help throughout! I have learned a lot and will now be able to use these skills to help me be the best I can be! Thank you! I hope you like my Project :) now for the tests ...... 
R.I.D.E .Certified
South Carolina
RIDE Certified
Thank YOU!
I just wanted to take a moment to express gratitude for all your feedback on my submissions. Your thoughtfulness and input meant a lot to me. The program was excellent.
I will miss you! (and your glowing feedback)  ;)
Considering contracts and pricing is a little overwhelming, but I will try to start small to keep some momentum going.
I just looked you up on LinkedIn. Is that your beautiful horse?! I just tried therapeutic riding before it got too cold to ride this Winter...
Thank you for everything! 

Princeton, MA
R.I.D.E .Certified
OMG!!! You are super awesome!
It's been such a pleasure.
I am inspired and motivated to do more.
Thanks for your great feedback and all I've learned throughout this class. You are phenomenal!
Thanks for supporting me all the way. I hope I'll get a feedback survey, or please let me know how I can share my comments.
Leslyan J
R.I.D.E .Certified
It's been such a great pleasure taking this journey with you. At one point, I thought I wasn't going to make it, but thanks to you, I can say I DID IT! 
Have a successful year! 
R.I.D.E .Certified
Kate C. 

Springfield, MA
Thank you for creating the certification program and your dedication to helping students like me gain the knowledge needed to pursue a career in residential interior design. Your kindness and encouragement made my program journey very enjoyable, and I truly learned a lot!

I appreciate the emphasis you have placed on creating a sustainable design (something I have never thought about before starting the program) that is now instilled in me. The feedback you gave every lesson was critical because it made me feel good about my work (the assignments) and gave me the confidence I needed to create a successful design project (the final presentation board). I hope to continue this as I start to build a career in residential interior design. I am more excited now to start designing my own home! Once again, thank you for all you have done.

Katherine M
R.I.D.E .Certified
Aubrey, Texas

13th Annual Northwest Design Awards
Do you remember I entered the 13th Annual Northwest Design Awards contest back in the fall sponsored by Seattle Design Center? In the student category, I won 2nd place! At the award ceremony!
You deserved to be proud. Your course rocked the Northwest. 
The awards will be given at the Seattle Design Center Gala  "SDC" with the industry leaders and media present. The ceremony is on my birthday, March 8. It is not heavily publicized yet, but it is mentioned here on the SDC website and the SDC Facebook page. I was e-mailed just a few days ago with good news. I put a PDF together to give you a more detailed look and my entry.
The Residential Interior Designer course was a wonderful experience for me, a person with already three years of college in an unrelated area of study, wanting to enter the interior design field. The instructor, Natasha Lima Younts, was beneficial; she was eager to share her professional knowledge and experience. I greatly appreciate the level of enthusiastic support and the personal and prompt attention offered cheerfully to a student at every turn. I particularly enjoyed how the course was written -- in a spirit of friendliness and optimism -- and still informative yet easy to read. I would recommend this course to any residential interior designer.
R.I.D.E .Certified