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Everyone has a story about how they came into the design field.
DSA supports the belief that there is more than one "PATH" to achieving success in interior design. 

Have you taken a different path?

Read Dr. Daniella Ohad's message after studying and interviewing the world-famous Design Legends.

Designer Society of America (DSA) is an organization whose mission is to support interior designers.

DSA has established a diverse society of professional, creative, and talented design experts by embracing designers from all walks of life. We are not just an interior design organization but a supportive community of industry pros and newcomers, growing each day due to our exceptional educational programs, devotion to excellence, and commitment to inclusivity. 

Full circle - Giving Back to Our Community

We have provided affordable options for interior design education: Thousands of professionals have launched successful residential interior design careers through our affordable educational programs offered in colleges. More than 3,000 universities, colleges, and online programs have provided and continue to provide our affordable education curriculum through the RIDE residential interior design education and the RIDQC programs since 2006. 

As we continue to grow, we remain committed to inspiring designers nationwide to break down barriers, exceed expectations, and make a difference through life-changing interiors.

We grow stronger together...

DSA is the second-largest design society globally, with 14,000+ design members, students, and vendors.

Be part of our growing community. 

Professional Rewards Program

Designer Society of America is rewarding your professional growth.

Members who participate in continued education/ attend trade shows will receive points towards discounts and rewards.  After logging into your member console, you can now list your ongoing education and your trade show attendance. The tab is listed as CEUs in your console. 

“Interior designers who develop their professional skills provide more value to their clients, increase revenues, and are held up as examples of excellence in the industry.” 

Board of Advisors

DSA's Advisors represent a diverse group of professionals, including educational leaders, attorneys, and interior designers, who deliver fresh and varying perspectives.

A 13-member Board of Advisors governs DSA. These volunteer leaders are responsible for the strategic direction and financial oversight of the Corporation, including policy development, nominations and elections, and recruitment/contract management of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This volunteer position requires a passion for the profession, experience in leadership, and the time and dedication necessary to serve our community.

We support interior design de-regulation. 

Regulating the path to design alienates talent.                                           

We support education. The source of education is variable.                                         

Recognizing that there are various paths to success: Organizations in favor of de-regulation for interior design. 

Different Paths to Success

Daniella Ohad, PhD 

 interview with DSA Editor Lindsay Field Penticuff

Dr. Ohad's response when asked:

What are your thoughts on the following statement? “Achieving success in interior design can be achieved through various paths and life experiences.”

“I believe that the most important thing in any career is education. But, it doesn't matter in interior design whether you're educated in philosophy, history, interior design, architecture, or art. At the end of the day, the technical aspects of interior design can be learned and can be done by other people. The core of what you do is that you bring your own experience, you bring your own personality, you bring your own charisma, and that really is reflective through the interiors.

"Great interiors only come from within and with experience. There is no one path, not at all."

“And when you listen to my lecture series, some of the design legends you'll hear from were never trained as designers. Some were trained as architects, but they decided to go toward interiors. And some just went to school for art history. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and brings different stories. I'm really able to show the best interior designers and what their processes are for thinking; how they work with clients; what's the relationship they forge with clients; where they do their shopping; and what really interests them. And when you look at them, they all come from the same place: They are all interested in the craft, in reviving the craft, the history of the craft, getting identities, stories, and narratives into their interior design, relating interior to the geographic place. It's all the same. The languages may be different, but the concepts are the same. They all have amazing stories, and they are all different. The people I interview in my program are really the people who are the most desirable people in this world; the people who make the best homes today.”

Read the full interview.

To learn more about Dr. Ohad, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

About one of our founders - Natasha Lima Younts DSA

Passionate about providing accessible education for interior designers. We are dedicated to supporting the rights of interior designers to practice.

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