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Designer Society of America (DSA) is an organization whose mission is to support interior designers.

By embracing designers from all walks of life, DSA has established a diverse society of professional, creative, and talented design experts. We are not just an interior design organization, but a supportive community of industry pros and newcomers, growing each day as a result of our exceptional educational programs, devotion to excellence, and commitment to inclusivity.

Thousands of professionals have launched successful residential interior design careers with our RIDQC certification developed in 2013, and more than 1,229 U.S. universities, colleges, and online programs offer our RIDE certification curriculum since 2006. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to inspiring designers across the nation to break down barriers, exceed expectations, and make a difference through life-changing interiors.

We grow stronger together...
DSA is the second-largest design society in the nation with 14,000+ design members, students, and vendors.

Be part of our growing community. 

  • Membership in DSA 

Affordable membership provides many benefits, including:

Monthly industry newsletters for interior design professionals.

·Trade discounts and affiliations

· A free digital Design Portfolio with social media links /digital portfolio allows the designer to share work front and center with potential leads

· Listing on our designer locator accessible by clients actively searching for a designer

· Opportunities and assistance for education and career advancement through colleges

· Professional recognition

· Networking opportunities

Professional Recognition

Navigating your professional career can be challenging. In this competitive field, it is important to show your peers and potential clients that you are committed to your field and your profession. DSA provides professional recognition.  Display your logo to exhibit your professionalism and dedication to the field of interior design!

Professional Rewards Program

Designer Society of America is rewarding your professional growth.

Members who participate in continued education/ attend trade shows will receive points towards discounts and rewards.  After logging into your member console you now have the ability to list your continued education and your trade show attendance. The tab is listed as CEU's in your console. 

“Interior designers who engage in developing their professional skills provide more value to their clients, increase revenues, and are held up as examples of excellence in the industry.” 

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DSA members are privy to numerous Trade Discounts and Affiliations

Designer Locator

Connecting designers with potential clients.

Find a Designer

Free Portfolio for Our Members

Not only is the portfolio free to our members, but they are also designed with the latest technology. Responsive Design enables your clients and potential clients to view your work on any type of device. LINK SOCIAL MEDIA SITES directly from your free DSA portfolio. Post room photos to HOUZZ , Pinterest or tweet about your new designs!

Career Advancement and Education

Knowledge is power! Designers and future designers seeking to obtain credentials and gain certification status turn to DSA for Residential Interior Design Certification.
Continuing Education

Board of Advisors

DSA's Advisors represents a diverse group of professionals, including Educational leaders, Attorneys, and Interior Designers, who deliver fresh and varying perspectives.

An 11 member Board of Advisors governs DSA. These volunteer leaders are responsible for the strategic direction and financial oversight of the Corporation, including policy development, nominations and elections, and recruitment/contract management of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This volunteer position requires a passion for the profession, experience in leadership, and the time and dedication necessary to serve our community.


Organizations recognizing that there are various paths to success:

About one of our founders - Natasha Lima Younts DSA

Passionate about providing accessible education for interior designers. Dedicated to supporting the rights of interior designers to practice.

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“You don’t have to take our word for how wonderful it is to be a DSA member or part of the Residential Interior Design program. We love to share the testimonials we receive, and below are some excerpts. The satisfaction and success of the 7,000-plus students and DSA has helped is something in which we take great pride. After all, helping these creative minds build the career of their dreams is exactly why we do this!” 
“When this interior design program presented itself through my unemployment , I leaped at the opportunity as interior design has always been a secret passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Did I mention I’m LOVING this program!” -- Tina F 
“I just wanted to take a moment to express gratitude for all your feedback for all of my submissions. Your thoughtfulness and input meant a lot to me. The program was great. Thank you for everything!” -- Melanie D
“It’s been such a pleasure learning from you. I am inspired and motivated to do more. Thanks for your great feedback and all that I've learnt throughout this class. It's been a pleasure taking this journey with you. At one point I thought I wasn't going to make it, but thanks to you I can say, I DID IT!” -- Kate C
“Thank you for creating the R.I.D.E. program and for your dedication to help students like me gain the knowledge needed to pursue a career in residential interior design. Your kindness and encouragement made my program journey very enjoyable and I truly learned a lot! I appreciate the emphasis you have placed on creating sustainable design (something I have never thought about before starting the program) that is now instilled in me.” Katherine M
“I just wanted to personally thank you for your instruction in this course. Before starting this program, I was a schoolteacher and know the workload of curriculum instruction. I really appreciate your promptness and personalized feedback on all of the assignments! I am very much looking forward to working in this field.” --Tiffany 
“I just wanted to say thank you for everything and let you know how much I enjoyed your class! As a former college instructor, I feel that you are very good at boosting your students, while allowing them to shine. I was injured on the job and had lost a bit of myself. Once I started this class, your comments helped me gain my identity and self-confidence back.” -- Rochelle B. Sierra Bay 
“It has been my pleasure to take the Certified Residential Interior Designer course under your direction. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy learning about all that this new career path entails, but I also value and feel honored to have been a recipient of your professional expertise in the field. While I know that I still have much to learn, I do feel somewhat prepared to jump in and begin the learning process.” -- Michelle J
“Last week I sent you and e-mail about trying to finish the class by June 30. Well, I have decided not to try to rush through the course. I'm enjoying it too much! It has been a great experience for me. Maybe my artistic side is trying to re-emerge. I'm going to request an extension so that I'll have time to really learn more about interior design. I don't know why I thought I could complete three courses with everything else going on day to day. Thank you so much for your encouragement.” -- Mary Ann
“The Residential Interior Designer course was a wonderful experience for me, a person with already three years of college in an unrelated area of study, wanting to enter the interior design field. The instructor, Natasha Lima-Younts, was extremely helpful; she was eager to share her professional knowledge and experience. I particularly enjoyed the way the course was written, in a spirit of friendliness and optimism, and still so informative, yet easy to read. The included textbook serves as a valuable addition to the course, with a vast source of comprehensive information. I would recommend this course to any residential interior designer.” -- Lubomir Alexander Sloboda